Pat’s Chat (May 12)

It has been a fantastic Mother’s Day with a delicious meal from the 1863 Restaurant in Elkins, enjoyed by my son, Chuck, his wife Pam and her sister, Lamona, and my daughter, Robin, and myself. We traveled in two cars just so the ladies could do some shopping and Chuck and I could come on back home. That made him and me very happy. We enjoyed the pretty spring day, the lime green of the newly sprouted trees along the highway and the beautiful dogwood blooming in my front yard.  

 After we were home for a while, he left on an errand. (When he visits me, he usually gives me a hug when he leaves.) He said he didn’t trim his nails the night before because he knows how much I love to have my back scratched. So, before he left, he hugged me and scratched my back. Nothing is so soothing and happy for me. Later when the girls came home, I opened my gifts. One of the gifts he brought me was a tea towel that says, “Mom, I’m sorry for all the dumb stuff I did when I was a kid. If it helps, you only know about half of it.” We all got a laugh at that sentiment. There were some nice gifts and cards that were so thoughtful and sweet. Made me very happy.

The people of our church reportedly had an enjoyable game night at the church Saturday evening. Games and food, kids and adults. You are welcome to come and join them any first Saturday evening of any month. The next one will be June 14 with a devotional at 6:30 p.m. Come and enjoy the praise to the Lord and the fun and fellowship and snacks later.



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