Pat’s Chat (March 11)

I am hoping that when my daughter gets her second vaccine in a couple of weeks, perhaps we will feel safe enough to get out, to a store, maybe even her favorite second-hand store, Goodwill. Also, we will feel safer allowing visits from others, especially if they are also vaccinated. It would be refreshing to have a feel of normalcy in life again.  

I’ve mentioned before that isolation, distancing, masks are not new ideas. As soon as the devil was thrown out of heaven and limited to our planet, he began working at making man as miserable as possible, at least as miserable as he was. (As punishment for his disobedience, God cast Lucifer out of heaven by hurling him and his army of fallen angels to Earth: see Isaiah 14:15; Ezekiel 28:16-18; Revelation 12:9) and condemning them ultimately to hell (a fire that no one can put out. It will just burn until there is nothing left but the ashes.) (Matthew 25:41). Malachi 4:3.

I am sure the devil invented the plagues and other catastrophes and diseases to encourage us to rant and rave against God for allowing such things to happen. My delightful paraphrase of the Bible, The Clear Word, tells it like this about leprosy, “The priest is to examine (the leper) and if the sore on the bald spot is truly reddish-white and proves to be a leprous disease… The man who has this leprous disease must wear torn clothes, leave his hair uncombed, (sounds like us during quarantine in our homes), cover the lower part of his face (a mask, I think) and call out ‘Unclean! Unclean!’ whenever he appears in public. As long as he has this disease and is unclean, he must live alone outside the camp.” (I would call that ‘distancing, wouldn’t you?) Leviticus 13:43 – 46. Doesn’t all of that sound like some of the things that have happened during the pandemic? And at many other times in Earth’s history. The sloppy clothes, the uncombed hair, the cover for the lower part of our face?

The devil will do anything to pull us away from God, away from Jesus, our Savior. He will whisper into our ears the sweet nothings that we long to hear, that pull us away into senseless movies, clandestine relationships, lurid books, to the point where we give up and just GO THERE, though our conscience is telling us it is awful, shameful, maybe unlawful, but we are hooked, addicted, without our usual common sense.  

I also believe that God helps us get vaccines and other remedies to bring some hope in this troubled world. He also heals many, many times when His children suffer, and we ask for help. I am sure He is as anxious as we are to get through this, but He doesn’t want to leave anyone out of Heaven if there is any possible way to get them to understand His love for them, His sacrifice of Himself in paying the penalty for our sins, but He will return when the last person has decided whether he believes that Jesus loves him and died to save him—that belief brings salvation. Nothing in this world is worth holding onto if it means you will lose Heaven and the New Earth that will have been cleansed by fire. Satan and his hordes of angels, (demons), all the people who made the choice to believe Satan’s lie to Eve in the Garden of Eden “that you shall not surely die”, (whispering the things she wanted to hear—it will make you wiser, like God, he said.) She had decided the fruit was so beautiful to look at, so how could God condemn her for eating it. She stayed and disobeyed a definite prohibition God had spoken. And after that all other evils and other impurities quickly accumulated on this old Earth. The New Earth will be more beautiful than the Garden of Eden and verse 3 of Malachi 4 tells us that “the wicked (including Satan) will be gone. They will be nothing but soil under your feet.” Called ashes in KJV of the Bible.  

I did not plan a gospel call for you all in my Chat. I just kept typing and it may bring more questions than answers. “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15. You will have inner peace when you understand Jesus’ great love for you, that He died so you can live eternally. You will have an inner peace that keeps you through the tsunami of sin that Satan has brought to this world. Every day can be beautiful if you look for the good. He is always there, and He is ultimately in control. Talk to Him.




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