Pat’s Chat (June 9)

The tragic news that we have witnessed on TV these last few weeks has brought tears to my eyes and to many of us as we struggle to take it all in and pray for the ones unthinkably tortured by what is happening to them. I just cannot imagine the depth of sorrow so many are feeling! I think we can all benefit from reading the article on “How to Have Peace” that Jeanette Riffle wrote in her column for last week’s papers. She actually tells us how we can find peace even at times as horrible as now with the shootings and all.

And in spite of this, we have enjoyed the lovely spring days, bright blue skies, fluffy white clouds, new green leaves reaching up to the sky, the active birds and small animals scurrying around. Matthew 24 tells us that things will get pretty nasty just before Jesus returns to reclaim all His people from their battered home on this Earth. We can look forward to when Jesus recreates our earth back into the beautiful place He first created it to be. Read Revelation 21:1-5. Don’t despair, don’t give up, don’t ever be afraid because God is in control and He keeps His promises.

You must have heard that we Adventists are trying to get together every first Saturday evening of each month for a social gathering, to which all of you are invited, to get to know each other better, especially the newer folks. We meet at the church at 6:30 p.m. to enjoy a devotional study and prayer, then the activities committee has planned special food and games for the evening. This month’s was a beach bash. In one of the photos to the right, you will find a painting by one of our new people, Mykayla Stadler, who placed it close to the food table to announce the tiki bar. Another photo shows Sherry, Sheri, Kim and Lanetta.

We will look forward to the social for the first Saturday night in July.



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