Pat’s Chat (June 4)

I have been so desperate to get out and drive somewhere because I have only been out and in the car three times and have not needed to get gas yet.  By the time I need gas, the price will again be way up there, I suppose.  This morning, I decided I had to go somewhere, anywhere, so I drove first to my son’s house to see how they are decorating their new “porch” – added to the structure for the new bedroom and bath.  It is going to be so great!  They found a beautiful old metal-mesh glider and painted it white.  They have gotten a small round white table and chairs that match the glider.  There will be some indoor/outdoor carpeting and colorful Adirondack chairs, some green plants, which will eventually become part of the pleasant porch.  My son stayed properly distanced while I was there. 

Then I drove from there to the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Brushy Fork Road.  I had a couple of things I needed to leave there, so that gave me an excuse to go.  It was wonderful just to be there and absorb the atmosphere of church for a few minutes.  Workers have been painting, so some areas are not ready yet for visitors.  I emptied some dehumidifier water before I left there, something I do often if I must visit the church for any reason.  Since I was out, I dropped by Tudor’s and got a Dottie biscuit for breakfast, and something for my daughter when she wakens.  The line was long and slow at Tudor’s.  But it was refreshing for me, a change of scenery for a few minutes.

There is so much bad news, I have decided to bring you a page from my devotional, Walking through the Bible with H.M.S. Richards, for Day 146.  It is an appropriate bit of wisdom for the month of June, a time when many young people (or maybe even older people) will be entering into marriage. It is from Proverbs warning against unfaithfulness in love.  It starts out with this Memory gem: “Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?”  (Proverbs 6:27).  

“Love should be expressed in words and deeds.  During courtship, a man usually goes out of his way to show affection and kindness to the lady of his choice.  How can he expect to hold her affection and love unless after marriage he continues to show the same affection, interest, and gentleness as he did before?  

“After his wife’s death Carlyle wrote this in his diary: ‘Oh, if I could see her once more to let her know that I always loved her.  She never did know it.’  Poor Carlyle---and poor wife!  H wrote great books, but certainly he could have written greater ones had he been wise enough to express his love to his faithful wife.

“Ramsay MacDonald, three times prime minister of Great Britain, paid a beautiful tribute to his wife when he said that to turn to her in stress and storm was like going into a sheltered haven where the waters were at rest.  ‘When I was weary and worn, buffeted and discouraged, thinking only of giving up to thankless strife, . . . my lady would heal and soothe me with her cheery faith and conviction, and send me forth to smite and be smitten.’  

“It is as plain as can be that success in marriage consists not only in finding the right mate, but also in being the right mate.  It is important to remember that a marriage license is a license for marriage, not a license for the roving eye and the faithless heart.

“On the night that Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, a reporter asked to what they attributed their fifty years of successful married life. ‘The formula,’ said Ford, ‘is the same formula I have always used in making cars—just stick to one model!’ 

“Christ honored marriage when He performed His first miracle in Cana long ago.  By His grace many who have found themselves in most uncongenial marriage relationships have been able to bring order out of chaos and hope out of despair.  Every effort should be made to preserve marriage.  In the confusion of our world today, it is still the blessed refuge of the heart.”  

If you are planning a June wedding, or if you are already married, I pray that you will make Christ, who loves each of you so much, be the only Third Party in any triangle in your marriage.



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