Pat's Chat (June 18)

I will not be sending the usual Pat’s Chat this week.  I think perhaps many of you who like the Chat might remember and love Kingsley and Nancy Whitsett and will enjoy what I am sending. 

Kingsley is a retired pastor and Nancy is a retired RN.  They lived in West Virginia for several years before they moved to Hendersonville, NC to be near their sons and grandchildren.  Kingsley had been President of the WV Conference of SDA, as well as a beloved pastor for several WV SDA churches.  Nancy worked at Sharpe Hospital for many years.  We miss them and I am sure some of you have also. 

What I want to share with you is their new church’s website in Hendersonville, NC.  I especially loved the children’s story that was told on June 6 at their church.  I have not had time to explore the many other interesting videos their church has for view there, but I am hoping to view some of them soon.  

Here is the website I hope you enjoy:



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