Pat’s Chat (June 17)

I have a love story I want to share with you today. Jesus is in love with you, and me, and everyone (good or bad, rich, or poor, good-looking, or ugly). He died on Calvary so you could live with Him forever.

We don’t have to look for Him. Remember, He went out looking for the lost sheep. He is looking for us. He offers us a Gift that we cannot earn or work for in any way. That gift is eternal life with Him because He loves us, you, me, your enemy, everyone. All we, you, I, or anyone else must do is to accept this unbelievable fact, receive this marvelous gift, even if you cannot believe that He loves you. He stands at the door of your heart, wanting to come in. Invite Him in. You are saved at that moment and cannot be taken out of His hands by anyone or any other being except yourself. You will always have the choice to stay or go. He will never force you to stay. You can even tell Him that you do not believe He exists, but He will answer your sincere prayer anyway. Romans 3:11, 12. 

He loved us enough to die the horrible death on Calvary to pay the penalty for our sins because the wages of sin, (or what must be paid for sin) is death. He wants us to be with Him. Many of us have heard of people who would die for the ones they love. What Jesus did, He did for us when we did not even know or love Him. The thought of Calvary awakens sacred emotions in our hearts. We will have praise to God in our hearts and on our lips instead of pride and self-worship when we keep fresh in our memory the scenes of Calvary. As we come to know Him better by talking with Him every day, reading His Promises, especially in the Book of John or the little books of John and many, many other beautiful messages hidden for us in the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation. As we read about our Savior’s matchless love for us, it elevates our thinking and purifies our hearts until our character is transformed to be more like His character. We will love Him so much we will WANT to do His will. He sends His Holy spirit to help us grow to be more like Him. We will obey His commands automatically. Every one of the commandments He has given us can be “kept” by using just ONE word—KIND. (Do the KIND thing!) We would not want to lie, steal, kill, commit adultery, covet, bow to other gods (which is anything or anyone who pulls us away from our Savior), take God’s name lightly or in vain, or any other thing we are commanded not to do because it would not be kind. All commandments can be covered by one great covering, LOVE, doing the loving thing, doing the kind thing.

The other day I read about a story told by Norman MacLeod about what even human love will do for others. Years ago, a Scottish Highland widow was ordered to be evicted because she was unable to pay the rent. She took her only child—a little boy—and started walking 10 miles over the mountains to the home of a relative. Before she could get there a terrible snowstorm came upon the hills. The poor woman did not reach the safety of her relative’s home. The next day a searching party set out to find her. On the high pass where the blizzard had been the fiercest, they found her in the snow, dead and almost naked. But in a sheltered nook, they found the child, safe and well, wrapped in his mother’s clothes.

Years afterward, the son of the minister who had conducted this woman’s funeral went to Glasgow to preach a sermon and it was a stormy night which reminded him of the story he had often heard his father tell, so he left his prepared sermon and told this story.

A few days later he was called to the bedside of a dying man who was a stranger to him. When he went into the room, the man seized his hand and said: “You don’t know me, but I know you, and I knew your father before you. Although I have lived in this city for many years, I have never gone to church. But the other night I happened to pass your door and heard the singing, so I stepped inside and took a back seat. There I heard the story of the widow and her son.” His voice choked up, and then trembling, he continued, “I am that son! Never did I forget my mother’s love, but I never saw God’s love in giving Himself for me until now. It was God who made you tell that story. My mother’s prayer is answered now. She did not die in vain.”

Look now to Christ, our Lord, who “while we were yet sinners” loved us and gave Himself for us—dying alone on dark Calvary, for your redemption and mine. He was forsaken, but He did not forsake us. Will you not call upon Him now? (Walking through the Bible with H.M.S. Richards Pacific Press Publishing Association, U.S.A. p. 137).



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