Pat’s Chat (July 8)

Only yesterday as I was watching some nature programs, as I often do on a Sabbath afternoon, and as we watched, some baby goslings were at the top of a very high rock cliff next to a turbulent expanse of water below. The parent geese tried to keep them away from the edge of the cliff so they wouldn’t fall before they were able to fly away. We watched some of them tumble over the edge, sometimes landing on a ledge for a moment and then falling off again and again. The parent birds sometimes went to the babies on a ledge. I think there were six goslings and amazingly only two were lost.

Often, other animals are featured and it shows their struggles to evade predators and grow up in their world. We wondered about the problems for the animals, just being born. This is true of human babies, too. Not all God’s creatures have happy stories to tell about survival. As I was reading my daily chapters in my devotional program that helps me read through the Bible in one year, today my chapters were Isaiah, chapters 9 through12. (I choose different versions of the Bible each year.) As I have mentioned before, this year I am reading from The Clear Word, An Expanded Paraphrase of the Bible to Nurture Faith and Growth, by Jack J. Blanco, printed and distributed by Review and Herald Publishing Association, 55 West Oak Ridge Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21740.

In Chapter 11 of Isaiah, I read about the royal line of David, from whom our Lord Jesus Christ came. “He will not judge what He sees with human eyes, nor decide by what He hears with human ears. He will judge rightly and uphold the case of the needy. With justice and equity He will defend the rights of the helpless. He will smite the earth with His mouth. The wicked will be slain and the evil ones will be consumed… The wolf and the lamb will live side by side. The leopard will lie down next to the young goat. The calf and the lion will feed together, and a little child will play with them both. The cow will feed alongside the bear and their calves and cubs will lie down and sleep together. The lion will eat straw as the ox does. Babies will sit and play next to a cobra and a young child will feel free to pick up an adder. There will be no harm or hurt in all of God’s kingdom, for the earth will be as full of the knowledge of the Lord as the sea is full of water.”

Isn’t that good news! There is coming a time, when Jesus returns for His children and all God’s children will someday live in the earth made new! A place where there will be no death in the animal or the human kingdom (read Isaiah 11 especially verse 9). Read Revelation 21 about the New Heaven and the New Earth and the New Jerusalem where He has built each of us a mansion and this mansion will come down from heaven and become the capital of the New Earth where we who love the Lord will live, or at least have our own “condo” in it as our city home, and probably a home and garden in some other part of the earth made new.

My Mom used to tell me that we would get to have our favorite pets with us in the New Earth. I believe it. I also believe that learning about Jesus and His love for us can bring us peace right here and now.



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