Pat’s Chat (July 29)

The Buckhannon Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDA), the Braxton SDA Church and the Glenville SDA Church joined together to enjoy a wonderful day out in God’s beautiful nature at Holly River State Park for church services, and a picnic, covered dish sort of lunch yesterday. The weather, though quite warm, was pleasant. No rain!! It was so enjoyable to be with church family outdoors for Sabbath School, worship, children’s crafts, etc.

It was nice to see improvements to the place where we met. Paved walkways from the pavilion to the restrooms. The stonework for the rostrum and the pavilion have always been great. The bleachers at the “stadium” or whatever you call the meeting place for sermons and lectures would have been more comfortable with backs on them. Due to my ancient age, someone brought a folding chair over from the pavilion for me. I love hearing the water trickling over the rocks but those who have been there more often said the streams are much lower than they have ever seen, with not as much water coming through.

We saw deer around and one doe (I think it was a doe) kept walking down the hill to join our company. She had to be chased off several times. I am sure she wanted some of our picnic and I understood some of the kids gave her pieces of apple.

I thoroughly enjoyed riding in Sheri Sapp’s car with Linda Meadows, Carol Holden, Mary Cutlip and Sheri. Getting to talk with them for the duration of the trip there and back was the most enjoyable part of my day. I do miss the camaraderie of my church family since the pandemic separated us for so long. Meeting with members of the different churches was also great. Sheri’s brother thought it odd that when he got home that morning, he found the front door of one of our cars we left at Sheri’s and a back door of another car was open. Can’t believe we did that!!!  Sure don’t know why.

When I was growing up in Burnsville, we attended the Methodist Church and each summer we, as a church, went to the Holly River and mostly we swam in the wonderful pool. Most of us rode in the back of big trucks, no seats, no seat belts, and that was as much fun as swimming in the pool after we got there. Of course, in those days no one had special hats for riding bikes either. Well, no seat belts in our cars, either.

Some of us are worried about the variant strains of the virus. A friend told me that if we want, we can get helpful ideas on how to boost out immunity and decrease our chance of complications from the coronavirus. Go to and check it out.

Read Psalm 51 and realize that God will forgive your sins no matter how gross they are. Read it again.



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