Pat’s Chat (January 6)

The Christmas Season, including New Year’s Eve celebrations are over for the most part, but today there was a little celebration at the Buckhannon Seventh-day Adventist Church. Several of the people who had helped with caroling by actually driving the vehicle that carried the speakers on top of it, playing Christmas music, as they went up one side of the street and down the other, with Sheri going to the homes to request funds for community service. (There were other drivers, not pictured.) Some members and friends attended the celebration and enjoyed the pizza party with Sheri.

This has almost become a lost art - literally caroling and collecting funds for helping people in our community. When I was young we actually donned our warm jackets, hats and gloves, and sang with our group from house to house. People were usually very generous. When we arrived back at the church, there would be warm cocoa and cookies or some sort of treat. I remember people asking early in the season just when we would be coming to do caroling. No more. Many of us, my peers and me, are too old to walk far especially where it might be slippery paths.

Sheri Lyn Sapp, as I told you last week, remembers going caroling with her mom, Mrs. Elmer, Mrs. Black, Vonda Simons and others like her, some would go to the doors and others would sing. She loved doing it so much that when no one wanted to be a collector of funds, but would help drive the vehicle while Sheri went door to door, she decided she wanted to do it anyway, so we decided to do it..  Picture shows Sheri Sapp, the ONLY collector, with Bill Elmer on her, left, with Carol Holden, and Lisa Phillips on her left. 

The yearly goal was met and exceeded for donations to help with the Community Services adventures through 2022.  Each year we ask our friends and neighbors to help us rebuild our funding for community projects.  We help with different things throughout the year, like joining with many other groups and churches to create a fund to provide for activities that will help keep the Seniors and others  joyful and happy over the graduation and proms activities without being tempted to be out in dangerous situations, such as driving, etc.  We, along with other groups help people in our communities who have suffered from tragedies, storms, fires and other disasters in our community. 

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