Pat’s Chat "Healthier Lifestyle"

I want to share something I just received from a long-time friend.  I think it will help me get a healthier body before I die if I can (with God’s help) follow this good advice:

“My diet has really been just a definite lifestyle change. My J. Allen and I had begun to make some much needed changes right before he died. We began to walk more and that helped us to clear our heads and have a more positive and receptive attitude. We then looked, TRUTHFULLY at why we had gained all of our weight and began to pray and reverse and undo some very bad habits! For us, we were both overeating at meals! We cut down portions and changed the time we ate, plus I realized I was eating a meal while I was cooking, and then sat down and ate a meal with him – so I slowly got used to eating half as much of each – more vegetables, less (notice I say less) pastas, white flour products, refined sugar goodies, and fried foods, and began researching and cooking new healthier recipes! Just common-sense stuff. Then when he died, my appetite kinda died for a while! I found the less I ate, the less I wanted to eat. I’m now on basically two meals a day, high in fiber and good proteins and fats and healthy carbs. I really don’t deny myself anything that is healthy (plus a few treats) but I choose to eat smaller portions and chew it slowly (we tended to both be “woofers” with our hurried lifestyle). I also had a bad habit of snacking in the middle of the night while I was up doing “teacher stuff”! I began to make myself drink spring water with lemon when I felt the urge to eat and it helped. After Allen died, I started taking something called Relora by NOW products (It’s basically derived from marigold flowers) for anxiety and depression and found it was also depressing my appetite. I was actually forgetting to eat, so am off of it most of the time now! There are so many good recipes for simple healthy dishes available, but obviously, the most important thing is to ask our Creator to help us have the will and wisdom, individually, to do what is best for our own unique temple! One other thing I take, plus a good multi and probiotic, is something called Inflama-Less by Irwin Products. It’s a form of curcumin and other helpful things such as frankincense for pain and quercetin, etc.) to kind of balance out our body’s other needs. I’m researching others, but so far, I like this combo best. Wow! I didn’t intend for this to be the beginning of my writing adventures, but others have asked so, you’re the first to read it!! God bless you as you continue to bless others with your “Grey-haired wisdom “and loving and caring heart!! In HIS love and service, Your Sister in Christ.” 

So to summarize this, I need to  walk more, keep a positive and receptive attitude, pray for help in eating more sensibly and way, way less, watch portion sizes, don’t snack while I cook, more vegetables (I eat a lot of vegetables, so that needs to continue), no night-time snacking, I already drink filtered (not usually spring water), so, if I feel hungry drink lemon water, and then get some Relora if I can find it. (I don’t think I will forget to eat, but should eat my breakfast earlier, not at noon, like I often do.)  I’ll look into Inflama.  Wish me luck, but better yet, pray for me to make healthy changes and lose excess weight.  If I can do it, I am going to include before/after sort of pictures of my friend.  If you have any questions about this way to lose weight, call me at 304-472-5102 and leave a message and maybe together we can get healthier.

P.S.  Tony Wine wanted me to let you know that her uncle died, so you can pray for his family and friends who will grieve his loss.  She said his name is Letther Wine, but I am not sure I got the spelling of his name right.



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