Pat’s Chat "Happy New Year!"

I hope each of you experienced a Merry Christmas and it is my prayer that everyone who reads this Pat’s Chat will have a happy New Year!  It has been wonderful to be with family and friends throughout the holidays, but I have to admit that I am glad it is over.  I believe I have been more tired than I ever have been before.  Everything seems to take longer, and I can accomplish less than ever before.  I don’t think any of my friends or family would have a Christmas gift if I didn’t live with my daughter who happily does all the shopping ALL year long!!  I am praising the Lord that Robin loves to shop, and her mind is always ready to pounce on something that would be JUST the right gift for this or that relative or friend.  She has several Christmas bags or boxes going in her sitting room closet all through the year.  If it is pink, it may be in Laura Beth’s bag.  If it is green it will, no doubt, go into Kelly’s bag, even if she just purchased it at an after-Christmas sale.  My friends, her friends, our friends, plus siblings, nieces, nephews, my great-grandchildren, the people she worked with (or was friends with) in KCMO, friends in Georgia and friends in California, etc.  She is a marvel at shopping and remembering and I am no good at either of those activities anymore.   

I am sad that there will be very little Christmas music again until next Christmas Season.  I love it so much.  I wish we could have Christmas songs here and there all year long.

Our children at church brought us a beautiful Christmas program with help and direction from Bonnie Cutright and Darlene Parker who are Children’s Ministry officers.  Also, a couple of very sweet young ladies decided to be baptized, so they were baptized at our Sabbath Worship Service last Sabbath.  Bridgett Cutright, daughter of Nick and Tonja Cutright, and Jamie Cutright, daughter of Jeff and Marsha Cutright.  When people decide to be baptized at our church, the Bible mode is followed, complete immersion into the water which represents Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection (see Romans 6:3-5).  Jesus did not sin, but He still insisted on being baptized by immersion to fulfill (or complete) all righteousness.  (See:  Matthew 3:13 – 17).   (I intended to send pictures of the Christmas program and the beautiful baptism, but I just could not figure out how to send them from Facebook messenger.  I am sorry!)

At the Senior Center, Singing Seniors, one Saturday evening a few weeks ago, I was introduced to Crock Pot Baked potatoes, which reportedly Jim Vance fixed – a delicious, foil-wrapped potato!  The cookbook my daughter found the recipe in was a Goodwill Cookbook.  She copied the recipe for me and gave the book to my niece, Kelly.  Now I have lost the written recipe.  I went online and looked for a recipe for Crock Pot Baked Potatoes, and there are many, many.  Here is one site that is beautifully illustrated:  These can be done quickly or slowly over 5-10 hours on Low.  Sheri Sapp and I each fixed a Crock Pot full of potatoes for our potluck dinner last week.   Just clean the potatoes, rub oil on them and fill up your crock pot (do Not add water.)  I did not wrap mine.  Sheri wrapped hers in foil.  Mine cooked all night on LOW and can be kept warm in the crock pot till ready to eat.  All the fixings were there to be added while potatoes were warm from the pot.  On High, the recipes say they will be done in 2-3 hours, depending on size of the potatoes. Mine baked 10 or 12 hours on Low.  Wonderful!



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