Pat’s Chat "Happiness"

Scam or spam calls happen to all of us.  If I don’t recognize the name, I usually click as if answering, then immediately click it off.  Sometimes the name looks familiar, but I still don’t answer.  Sometimes I let them ring, hoping that if it is a friend or family member they will simply leave a message.  If I know who it is, I will pick up the call (or return it, if I am not available to pick up the phone).  I think it would be good if everyone left a message.

Well, I got several unknown calls from Helen Conley.  Finally on a whim (or a shove from God), I answered and said, “Do I know a Helen Conley?”  She answered, “Yes, you do.  Helen Phillips Conley!”  She was in my high school class!  I was so happy to get to talk to her.  I had never been successful in getting her to come to one of our reunions, and as former class secretary, it seemed to be my responsibility to notify everyone.  But it was thrilling to get a call from “her” out of the blue.  I didn’t know she had 6 daughters and a son, and all of them live fairly close to her except one daughter in Idaho.  She was a beautiful girl when I knew her and I found out talking to her that Eloise Williams was her first cousin.  Both of them were so beautiful!!  If I ever knew they were first cousins, I had forgotten.  Also forgot that she had married Myrtie Jo Conley’s brother.  I hope we can figure out a way for all the 1951 graduates of Burnsville High to have a meal together, maybe at Shoney’s, after our annual BHS Reunion in May.  I have called Carl Sizemore and Kenny and Betty Pulliam to tell them I heard from her.  Maybe she will bring Buncy Bosley Marple with her!  Remember, we count everyone who was ever in any of our classes from grade school up, at Burnsville as part of our class, even if you didn’t graduate, or moved to another school.  Please search for anyone who might come and get reacquainted with us all, while we are still “living”!!  I surely hope I can go land that Helen will also get to come.

I hope many of you will pray for Cheryl Wine who is the age of my children (and yours, probably) has been injured in a car accident and is at Ruby Memorial Hospital.  Send her an encouraging card, even if she is younger (or older) than you.  She has broken both legs, her right arm, some ribs and was in surgery several hours when she arrived at Ruby.  She is facing more surgery on her hips and pelvis on Tuesday the 8th of October.  

I am reading a “devotional paraphrase of Scripture expanded for clarity.”  Although the Preface states that “it is intended to build faith and nurture spiritual growth” and “It should not be considered a study Bible” it is wonderful to refer to when something in KJV is not clear to me.  January will start my 37th year of reading the Bible through and I count it as my “Bible” this year.  Here are a few of the Beatitudes paraphrased, Matthew 5, verses 3 through 12: “Happiness comes from having a humble attitude.  If you feel your need of God and trust Him, you have the kingdom of God within you.

“Happiness comes from grieving when you sin.  Confess your sins and you will be forgiven and peace will spring up in your soul.

“Happiness comes from being submissive.  When you acknowledge God as the source of life and abilities, you will feel heaven’s joy.  One day, people like this will fill the whole earth.

“Happiness comes from longing to do what is right.  Those who do right will have an inner satisfaction that nothing else can give.

“Happiness comes from being compassionate and forgiving.  People will remember your loving kindness and return the same to you.

“Happiness comes to those with pure hearts and motives.  Such people will one day have the privilege of seeing God and talking to Him face to face.

“Happiness comes from being a peacemaker, for such are God’s children.  

“Happiness even comes from being treated badly for doing what’s right.  Just remember that no matter what happens, your place in heaven is secure.

“Strangely enough, you’ll find yourself blessed even when people insult you, persecute you and lie about you because you have accepted me.  When this happens, be glad because it shows that your name is written in heaven and that your reward will be waiting for you there.  Remember, the prophets were treated no differently.”

(THE CLEAR WORD, copyright 2003 by Jack J. Blanco – printed in USA - All rights reserved.)

DON’T FORGET THE REVIVAL, at 1122 Brushy Fork Road, Friday , Saturday and Sunday nights at 7:00 p.m., two weekends.  Bring the whole family.  There will be a special program for the children.



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