Pat's Chat (Feb. 11)

It will be a nice surprise if these images come through on my email that I will send to those of you who are on my address list, especially to the local papers here in central West Virginia. Some of you might recognize Carol Wine Bucklew with her husband Roger Bruce Bucklew (my nephew for whom we are asking prayer for his bacterial pneumonia. Now he has been tested for Covid-19. I am praying he does not have it on top of his pneumonia. He had tested negative just prior to his illness.) The other picture is of his children, Ryan and Ashley. And, believe me, these are Carol’s children, too. She couldn't love them more if she had given birth to them!!

The reason I wanted to show you these pictures is so that you will know that I was once an artist and did these in charcoal as a wedding gift to them. I have done a few other pictures in charcoal and painted several portraits. Sad thing is that after I became a registered nurse 30 plus years ago, I never seem to have had the time or inspiration to start any others. Maybe that shows that I am not a real “artist” or I would have been compelled to do them. I am not sure I could even do it again.  

I wonder how many other latent artists are living in and around us, but they do not share their talents or produce their wares. My son, Chuck Bucklew, used to write wonderful songs and play his guitar and sing them for special music at church when we lived in Kansas City.  

I cannot leave you with only comments about myself. In studying the Sabbath School lesson for today, I read this which I want to share: “The Lord knows that if we look to man, and trust to man, we are leaning on an arm of flesh. He invites our confidence. There is no limit to His power. Think of the Lord Jesus, and His merits and His love, but do not seek to find the defects and dwell upon the mistakes that others have made. Call to your mind the things worthy of your recognition and your praise, and if you are sharp to discern errors in others, be MORE (emphasis supplied) sharp to recognize the good and praise the good. You may, if you criticize yourself, find things just as objectionable as that which you see in others. Then let us work constantly to strengthen one another in the most holy faith.” —This Day With God. page 300.



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