Pat’s Chat "Fall"

This is the time of year for the Forest Festival and Buckhannon Fall Fest and churches and other organizations manage to have a time of fellowship. The lights of the carnival at Jawbone Park were so beautiful on Friday evening.  I sat on one of the benches and just watched the twirling multicolored lights.  Our town is blessed with beautiful flowers all spring and summer and into the fall, and they also have the carnivals which adds a colorful interlude for us to enjoy.

We are also planning a Fall Fest for our church members and friends on October 26 at Sheri Sapp’s place.  Their barn is a nice place for this, so plan to join us at the Fall Fest at about 5 p.m.  If we get some rain, we might even get to have a bonfire.  If you decide to come, it is potluck and it is for hot dogs, burgers, along with soup or chili, chips, desserts.  (You might want to bring a chair.)  I hope the weather will cooperate.  I prayed it would not rain on Tim and Rebecca Sapp’s Fall Fest for their church last evening.  I understand they all had a very good time.

Before you know it, kids will come knocking at the door for “trick or treat.”  I cringe a little at little kids dressing as witches, vampires, etc.  I have always given candy and thank God that the kids mostly seem to be happy with their parents and other children who come along with them.  I especially wish they could also learn the truth about witches and goblins, get acquainted with Jesus and learn of His message of love.  It is sad to hear how many children never go to Sunday School (or Sabbath School), never hear the wonderful Bible stories that let them know they are loved and that they each have guardian angels to care for them, but God never forces Himself on anyone but will answer anyone who prays (talks to Him).  

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has an upcoming event that may be exciting and attractive to the whole family.   It starts at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, starting October 11.    It is a Revival.  Please let your friends and family know so they can come, too.   There also will be meetings on the following weekend, on the same nights.

I was so blessed last Thursday when I got new hearing aids!  I visited Ryan Summerfield and Nettie at HearingLife in the complex of offices where Buffalo Wild Wings is located.  At church when I taught the Sabbath School lesson yesterday, it was amazing.  I could hear other people very clearly.  I am so grateful.  My kids are pleased that I can hear them when they talk to me instead of constantly asking what they said.  And I do not have the television turned up either.  I am so happy.   If you have a hearing loss, go to see Ryan.  It is worth every penny.  He told me that if I ever get a smart phone (I use a flip phone), he can set up my phone so that it picks up all the talking in the class and will carry their voices right to my hearing aids.  That is amazing.  

Have a good and safe Fall, (and, please, no other kind of “fall”!) everyone.  Until next time.



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