Pat’s Chat (December 30)

This is the time of year when bell ringers and other individuals are out collecting funds for different charities.  The mail delivery every day includes many letters from organizations requesting funds, often including address labels, greeting cards, notebooks and other useful items, hoping to open our hearts to consider helping their various charities. This is the time of year that Adventists are also encouraged to go to our neighbors and tell them what we are doing worldwide to help those less fortunate than we and ask folks to help. Adventists are encouraged to go door to door, especially during the Christmas season and collect donations for many missions of the worldwide Adventist church. Sometimes caroling is also included.

 I was 16 when I became a Seventh-day Adventist and from then on until now, I worked either by door-to-door or caroling groups, or even mail, requesting dollars for the needs of God’s many needy children. We used to go out in groups and in recent years, we had a loudspeaker hooked on top of a car to bring Christmas carols to different neighborhoods. We would take different sections of the town. Then when we returned to the church, there were usually snacks and hot chocolate or other drinks for us. Some of the younger people earned enough to get them into summer camp free the next summer.

When funds were then sent to the Mountain View Conference, they would return half or some portion of the total back to our church to be used for our own community services, such as helping someone who is stuck in Buckhannon for some reason to get lodging for the night. Sometimes people come to the church needing help and we would have funds that would allow us to help them.

When Sheri Lynn Sapp was a little girl, she loved to go with her mom, Marcelene Sapp and Vonda Simons, Fred Seeley’s mom and others when they went to Weston, Sutton, Burnsville and other towns, as well as the Buckhannon area. Sheri liked doing this when she was just a little girl and has continued going with the caroling vehicle even if she is the only person doing the visitation to the homes. Each of us has a goal toward the total of funds needed. She had received over $500 toward our goal. We are so thankful for her dedication. If you would like to know more about Adventist Community Services and what they do, I found this site that may help you:



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