Pat’s Chat "Bowling"

On Sunday, the young people along with some parents and teachers went bowling at Woody’s Bowling Center and many pictures were sent to me to use for the Chat. The problem is most of the pictures had only one or two of the children, many a back view of them in action, and some were cute pictures.  It is difficult, so I am using just one picture of Darlene Parker handing out pieces of pizza.  That is always a pleasant activity.  There were probably 10 or more children, so how do I choose which picture to show, or which person to show?  Just know everyone had a good time; they are agreed on that.  

I would like to coin rephrase a well-known saying.  People who PLAY together, stay together.  We also fit the well-known phrase, people who pray together, stay together.  Our church does both activities very well.  

Today was a beautiful sunny day today.  I washed some of my windows.  The kids don’t want me to climb, because I fell when I was cleaning windows and broke both my wrists.  I was very careful today.

Please come to our church service next Saturday morning at about 11 a.m.  Jeff Hunt will be giving us a free concert that I am sure we will all enjoy.   Then, please stay for our Fellowship dinner.

I hope you have an ongoing prayer life with Jesus, Our Savior.  I talk to Him often, working, walking any place, anytime.  Sometimes He answers my prayers with a, “Yes.”  Then sometimes it is an absolute, “No!”  Then there are times when He just answers, “You’ve got to be kidding!” Although this truly is just about like my prayer life, I have to tell you the truth.  My daughter, Robin, just brought this little clipping into my room and placed the clipping on my computer, so I just had to use it.  It fit.

Remember that you are loved, unconditionally.



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