Pat’s Chat (August 18)

This has been a very difficult few months (and years, really).  It was so sad to hear of the death of another Burnsville alumni of the 1951 class of Burnsville High School, Kenneth Pulliam.  He and his wife, Betty Jean Graff Pulliam, had gone to a facility that took care of their needs.  Ronnie, their son, called me and told me that his mom will be staying at the same facility and  retain the same phone number, but be moved into a unit where she can be a part of their many activities and the trips many of them do.  Kenny had not been interested in the activities but Ronnie thinks his mom will.   Pray for Kenny’s family and friends.  I, along with them, will dearly miss his kind, gentle presence in our lives.

Today several church members went to the Charleston Adventist Church for the funeral service of Amanda McClanahan, the daughter of our beloved Randy Dustin, who is a very active Elder and often sings for us and preaches.  It will be a privilege, though difficult, for him and his dear wife, Susan, to raise Amanda’s sons, Jason and Clay.  They also need your prayers.

Among many whom we lost recently, there is our beloved deacon, Jerry Heckert, (Oh, how we miss that man!) and also a a dear young man we all loved, Ike Petty.  I recall a couple of other members of our church family who died.  Mike, the son of another member and Betty Shock of Helvitia who was a member of the church.  A very upsetting event, also, was the death of Fred Seeley, a long-time member of our church, whose memorial has been postponed until second Sabbath in September.

Amidst all this, I lost all of my own siblings, including my older brother, my baby brother and my sister, who was also a member of our church.  I think there comes a time when we are each one firmly reminded that we, too, will be gone someday.  If you would like a pamphlet entitled “What Happens When You Die?,” please, just send me a request by email to [email protected] or write to me, Pat Ridpath, 42 1/2 South Florida Street, Buckhannon, W.Va. 26201.



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