Pat's Chat (August 13)

Today, I am confused by multiple password changes I have done and can’t untangle them all.  I had ideas last evening of a subject, but using my privilege as a woman, I am changing my mind.  As you all know, most of my Chats have a religious tone, since that is who I am.  I was wondering just now if I could talk to each one of you, how would you describe my main point of view when it comes to religion?

Would you think, well, she goes to church on the “wrong day” for one thing?

Maybe you would say, “I wonder why she is a vegetarian” (or flexitarian, which I am sometimes - meaning I sometimes eat chicken or fish, or even a 100% beef hotdog at Sam’s Club).  Let me tell you honestly, I don’t like myself when I am “flexitarian” because I truly believe I am healthier if I don’t include those other things.  

There are many other things you might question.  Why do I tell you that old songs like, “I want to be standing at Mother’s Grave when Jesus comes in His power” and the quote Rest In Peace on most older headstones, used to be what everyone believed?  It is an interesting search to find out when people started saying their loved ones are now in Heaven with all those who have gone before.  I believe that the Bible teaches that people go to “sleep” when they die and are resurrected in one of two resurrections the Bible speaks about - the first resurrection at Jesus’ second coming which is not far off now, or the second resurrection as Jesus’ and His people, His Bride, come back to Earth after a 1000 years in Heaven, and all those who were killed by the brightness of Jesus' second coming are resurrected to meet their judgment.  Oh, yes, there were a few people translated to heaven without seeing death - Enoch, Elijah, etc., but most are sleeping until Jesus resurrects them like he did Lazarus.  

If any of you want Bible references to anything I have said, email me at [email protected] and I will answer those questions to the best of my ability.  But really, those things are all side issues to the real issue.  

The quality for which I would like to be remembered is LOVE.  Love is the express image of Jesus.  I want to love as He did, without thinking about anyone’s qualities or characteristics.  Even the ten commandments speak LOVE.  Love for God, love for our fellow human beings.  I am here on this earth because God loves me and hopes I will love Him back.  “For God so loved Patricia that He gave His only begotten Son so that if Pat believes in Him, she will not perish but will have everlasting life.”  John 3:16, adapted.   Put YOUR name where I put mine and it will be JUST as true.  If you genuinely think of this and come to believe it, you HAVE everlasting life.  Though you may have to go to “sleep” (Rest in Peace) for a while, you will not die forever.

God gave us free will, free choice, so we can refuse His offer of eternal life, if we want to.  He sent Jesus to represent His character and the character He wants each of us to have.  His Son never sinned (which is transgression of the law).  And God gives us His, (Jesus’) righteousness when we repent and ask His forgiveness for the sins we have all committed.  He also adds this wonderful promise that when we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive all our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  Christ’s righteousness becomes ours.  As we read His Love Letter to us and learn to know Him better - by beholding Him, we become more like Him, we become changed for the better.  

That is what I want you to remember about me and my Chats.  That as a believer in the gospel, it is my privilege to reflect Jesus in my Chats and in my life.  Though I fail miserably at times, I want you to see me for who I am in Christ and thank Him for making a way for this human sinner to reflect Him a little.  





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