Pat’s Chat (August 11)

Sheri-Lyn sent me pictures from the Sabbath School and Church services which were held at Holly River State Park today, but I just cannot get them attached, so I give up. 

In spite of some threatening weather forecasts a little earlier this week, this morning turned out to be quite pleasant with no rain expected until later, so off to Holly River many went, meeting at the Park. Barry had Zoom and other technical equipment running and broadcasting. The rain DID come and everyone had to grab things and more to the shelter of the pavilion, but pictures looked like they were still having fun.

Our lesson this week was entitled Indestructible Hope. Much of the scripture that was taken from Habakkuk and could be very troublesome if we don’t remember that although things will get worse, we have God’s promises to depend on, knowing that though His promises are sure we must hold on to them and trust His Word and not give in to despair. We have no trouble seeing great evil all around us. Some of us may wonder at times why things are so far away from God’s plans for us. We think, “How could I have gone so far away from God?” Our lesson answers this, saying ‘Just one step at a time.’ We know that we need to stay in touch with God and getting out into His wonderful nature scenes is one way to do it. I wish you could have joined the group. (I could not go because I am sort of crippled now with a bad knee, but hopefully that will be taken care of soon.) I hope you will get to see some of the beauty of the day in the video you can see if you type this into your computer or click on it with whatever device you use to view the programs. If you have Zoom, all you need to do is “join a meeting” on your screen and choose Meeting ID # 961 2015 7208

If you want to see some of the Holly River activity go to: 



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