Pat's Chat (April 28)

I am hoping to improve my Pat’s Chat preparation. I get so confused with the changes that show up when I use Word.

It will be Mother’s Day next week and I want to share with you something about my mother. She was, of course, the best mother in the world. Although she died just before she would have turned 52, she was still the best mom and granny, neighbor and friend anyone could ask for. There are many people who would claim that their mother was the best in the world. We are very blessed by God if we truly feel that about our own mother.

Mom had such love for all of us that each of us knew without a doubt that we were her favorite child. There were four of us, Sonny, me, Mary Ann and Sammy. It was usually said more poetically as “Sam, Harry, Pat and Mary” foregoing the chronology of it. Sonny (Harry V. Wiant, Jr.), Patty Sue (Patricia Sue), Mary Ann and Sammy (Samuel W. Wiant, II). Mom sang many songs about us, such as, “Rub-a-dub-dub, four kids in a tub, Sam, Harry, Pat and Mary.” She read to us, would put us lying side-by-side beside her in our long porch swing, two on each side of her. She would sing many songs like “Two Little Orphans” or “The Wreck of the Ninety-Seven” and many, many more. Of course, we outgrew the swing, but she read Bible stories to us or bedtime stories or made-up stories of her own and filled our home with love..

Our home was always a cozy, safe place to be. It is so sad that not everyone has such memories of home and parents. If you are blessed with children, let them know you love them. And if you are fortunate enough to have parents still living, remember them, too. Father as well as mother.

Sadly, we lost her at such a young age. It has been a loss to each of us. Then in 2020, four days before he would have been 88, Sonny died. December 15 of the same year, Sammy died at age 84, then Mary Ann died on March 19 this year at age 86. I am left with none of my immediate family. Thankfully, all three of my children now live in Buckhannon and one of my grandchildren. I am very blessed.

After our mother died in 1967, Mary Ann and I sent each other Mother’s Day cards nearly every year just in memory of our own mother. My message to you today is, don’t forget to send your mom a card and call up your siblings and remember the good times you have had together.

Praise God for His love to each of us. His love is greater than a mother’s or a father’s love. He IS love and He loved us each so much that we could be like I and my siblings were. We could each just KNOW that we are His favorite child.  We are, you know. He loves each one of us as if we were the ONLY ones whom He has to love. He would have died on the cross for you if you had been the ONLY one to believe and have faith in His love. Let Him know you love Him.



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