Pat’s Chat (April 1)

Finally, my daughter got her second vaccine and after a couple of weeks, we will feel a little safer going out to a few places. We have been ordering our Walmart groceries and then picking them up at their special pick-up parking lot. We call the number on the signs that designate our place, and they bring out the food. My daughter does all of the ordering.

We plan to continue wearing masks, hand washing, distancing for quite a while. I remember how scary it was when I was in grade school in the early 1940s about polio and how thankful we were when there was a vaccine developed to help prevent it. It was medicine, not a shot, if my 87-year-old mind is remembering correctly. I suffered for the classmates at the school who had been crippled by the infantile paralysis they had contracted. 

There were other vaccines developed that helped put a stop to other diseases, like measles, etc. I am sure that God is at work counteracting the diseases which I think may have been originated by the old devil himself. This is only my thinking, but I am confident that He is at work trying to counteract all the mischief created by this demon entity that the Bible tells us was once one of the highest angels in God’s heaven.

Angels, like mankind, had been created with the power of choice, none of them robots. Lucifer became so jealous of the Godhead that he wanted to be like God. He caused so much problem with all of God’s creation that finally he was kicked out of heaven, ended up on Earth and caused our original people to decide to go along with him because, he said, the fruit God had told them not to eat would make them wise as God, and they would not die as God had warned them they would. We are living in the terrible results of a world ruled mostly by this wanna-be god, Satan, along with a third of the angels who decided to come along with him. No matter how bizarre things can seem, people can loudly proclaim it and get a following, no matter how crazy. 

Satan reads the Bible probably and knows he has a short time left to do injury to his Creator, and he knows that what hurts God most is when he causes trouble for God’s children. He is instrumental in causing diseases and problems. But Jesus is coming back soon and will take care of all of this.  

The point of my Chat today is to encourage everyone to get the vaccine and follow the rules and keep COVID-19 at bay. I find it difficult to believe that intelligent people simply refuse to get the vaccine. These people are gambling with their lives. I can see refusing it if you have definite reason due to your own circumstances, but more people’s lives are lost by contracting the Covid virus disease than are lost by getting the vaccine. I have not seen where anyone has died as a direct result of getting the vaccine, but I know of many who have died because they had not gotten the vaccine.  

Here is a really good article that I think might help some people decide wisely about the vaccine.  COVID 19 Vaccine Update (9+ Things You Should Know Before Getting Vaccinated) -

Everyone has a right to refuse, I grant that. (I try not to argue about people’s choices. Everyone has a right to be wrong.) I do argue with the fact that some seem to go around trying to convince others NOT to get the vaccine, even NOT to wear masks, etc., but those of us who choose this should also be given the right to choose. Some people refuse the vaccine and protocols without trying to get everyone to listen to them and follow their lead. They quietly do what they think is right. I commend them. I do NOT commend the ones who try to get others to boycott the remedy that I believe God has sent us. Like the man who was on top of his house praying for God to save him, but he refused to leave his perch for a motorboat that came trying to rescue him, and refused the helicopter that flew in close to him and offered a ladder for his escape from his perch, so he drowned. He asked God why He hadn’t saved him when he prayed. God said He had sent him a boat and a helicopter, but the man had refused His answers. Are we being like this about the remedies God is sending us? “Come let us reason together!” Isaiah 1:18.



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