Pat’s Chat "2020"

 I have not yet settled down from the rush and joy of the holiday season of 2019, and the ongoing excitement of the news that creates a constant stream of emotions.  We are watching terrible fires (in Australia), earthquakes (in Puerto Rico), rumors of war, (sounds like I copied this from Matthew 24) and serious problems and illnesses that drive us to our knees and stir up our emotions.  But not all that keeps us so much on edge that it quenches the joy of the heartwarming Christmas cards or birthday cards, and especially the happy baptisms of some young ladies I mentioned in Pat’s Chat for December 5.   Bridgett Cutright, daughter of Nick and Tonja Cutright, and Jamie Cutright, daughter of Marsha and Jeff Cutright.

The young people and many other adults and parents were invited to a Sleepover at the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Brushy Fork Road.  Last Saturday evening, Darlene Parker and Bonnie Cutright coordinated the reportedly fun time of a Sleepover, what we used to call a pajama party.  They had games, snacks, popcorn, a movie and sleeping bags.  

 The disturbing news I mentioned at the beginning of this Chat might make you wonder what the future holds and is there any hope for our chaotic world.  Is it possible to have a happy life anymore?  Can we find a happy life in spite of it all?  I find my peace and security from my most trusted source, the Bible.  Some folks don’t believe in that old-fashioned Book, but let me tell you, it brings peace.  Have you ever studied the Bible?  You can get absolutely free Bible study guides.   Just write to Discover, P. O. Box 999, Loveland, CO 80539-0999.  Ask for Discover Study Guides and you will see the Bible come to life for you as you study the guides.  You can also get Prophecy guides from the same address, P.O. Box 999, Loveland, CO 80539-0999.

If you would rather study online, you can do that, too.  Just go to and these are available in many languages.  Some people like the privacy that online study gives them.

Have a safe and warm winter, everyone.  



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