Owner of Endo Solutions opens Farmer’s Market

BUCKHANNON — The owner of Endo Solutions in Buckhannon, Tom Thacker has opened a Farmer’s Market across from McDonald’s in Buckhannon. The market opened up last week and is now available to all public.

It was a team event in opening and operating the market. Local farmers bring their locally-grown fresh produce to this location. The special thing about this Farmer’s Market that separates it from any other is that the farmers don’t have to stay with their products. They are able to drop their produce off and come back once a week to collect the profit. Tom Thacker receives a small percentage to cover the cost and the rest goes to the farmers.

“I have always found it hard to find local produce so I opened this market to give farmers the chance to drop it off and return weekly,” explained Thacker. “Several farmers have already come by and we have 50 different vendors between the farmers and the artists.”

A friend of Thacker helps him run the Farmer’s Market, as well as the art rooms. Art, rock crystals and more are also available in rooms inside the building. With wintertime putting a damper on the amount of produce, Thacker wanted to offer something else to the community when he thought of the art room.

Come check out the market that is opened throughout the week until 6 p.m.


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