OraCare Cares Program donates rinse to a cancer patient with every order placed

A national dental rinse company based in West Virginia is setting up to help cancer patients in a big way this World Cancer Day. Beginning February 4, 2022, every OraCare order placed will power a donation of the health rinse to be sent to patients undergoing cancer treatments. The OraCare Cares program will launch their new incentive “Your Order, Their Relief” on World Cancer Day to expand their impact.

The OraCare Cares Program has already provided relief to over 2,000 patients to date. “We invented OraCare to be used by dental professionals as a better option than what has traditionally been available to them.  We never thought of it for use with cancer care but we kept getting these wonderful testimonials from patients saying they couldn’t have made it through their treatments without OraCare.  We knew we had something special and wanted to help more of these patients, so we came up with the OraCare Cares Program,” stated Dr. Robert Martino, WVU School of Dentistry Alumni and CEO of OraCare. “So, for every order placed, we will send a free set of OraCare to a patient suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.”

OraCare was recently nationally recognized when they were awarded a Best of Class Hygiene Award in December 2021.  They won not only for their groundbreaking rinse, but also the company’s initiative to give back. “OraCare is proud to have established the OraCare Cares program as our rinse alleviates many side-effects of cancer treatment, such as dry mouth and mouth sores. It’s a great way for OraCare to support our practices and for those practices to in turn support someone going through such a challenging time in their life.” noted Kristin Goodfellow, RDH and Clinical Director at OraCare.

Navigating the path of treatment for individuals can be difficult on many levels.  The team at OraCare, knowing that their product can help, is dedicated to doing more. Cancer, unfortunately, impacts many families. If anyone you know is currently being affected by the side effects of treatment, reach out to your dentist for information regarding OraCare Cares. Dental providers interested in supporting the cause can place an order online or by calling 1-855-255-6722. One set of rinse will automatically be donated to the program after an order is placed.