Opportunity House offers online support

BUCKHANNON — The Opportunity House has creatively organized an online delivery method to ensure those in recovery can continue to receive support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Director Matthew Kerner invites everyone on the path to recovery, regardless of recovery modality, to join a virtual Recovery Support Meeting daily at 1:00 p.m. and nightly at 7:00 p.m. Delivery of these meetings are scheduled through the Zoom meeting platform.

Kerner said, “All Recovery Support Meetings are based on the philosophy that people from every addiction recovery pathway have much in common and can benefit from sharing together. These meetings offer a place where people can share their addiction recovery experiences, with an emphasis on the hope and healing of recovery and how recovery has changed our lives, regardless of the substance or behavior that is at the root of our addiction. An All Recovery meeting is not a 12-step meeting and has no affiliation with NA/AA. We welcome all who struggle with addiction, are affected by addiction, or support the recovery lifestyle.”

Follow these links to join daily Zoom Recovery Support Meetings: https://zoom.us/j/809422747 or https://zoom.us/j/335753039