One on one: Tabatha Perry

BUCKHANNONThe Record Delta had the opportunity to interview Tabatha Perry, who is now serving as Upshur County Administrator as of May 2022.

Tabatha reported she was born and raised in Buckhannon, W. Va. with the exception of the summers she spent in Florida with her grandparents. As a graduate of Buckhannon-Upshur High School, she opted to pursue a college education at West Virginia Wesleyan College. Shortly after college graduation, Perry married her husband.

Perry said, “At a very young age, I dreamed of attending law school; however, after interning for a local attorney I determined my real passion was conducting research and behind-the-scenes work rather than being the voice and presenting a case.”  Shortly thereafter, J. Burton Hunter, III, promoted Perry from an intern to a full-time paralegal and provided her with a wealth of knowledge. Perry reported that her transition to the local government sector was unplanned but has proven to be one of the best decisions she has made related to her career. Perry noted that she is forever grateful of the opportunity she was provided at such a young age to work for the Commission. While Perry reported that she prides herself on the career driven woman she has become, her life revolves around her family, including her husband JR and bonus daughter Breanna (19), Olivia (6) and Sophia (2).

Perry was appointed as the Assistant County Administrator in April of 2015. Perry said, “I never imagined seven years, to the date, being promoted to Administrator.  During this time, our office has exceeded my expectations and made an impact that I never would have imagined.”

When questioned about what she is most excited about in her new role, Perry commented, “It is an absolute honor to be named as the new County Administrator. While I am devastated to be losing a beloved coworker, I am most excited about completing the projects Ms. Carrie Wallace and I commenced together.

“Over the years, we have been successful at obtaining grant funding to rehabilitate the Courthouse and several County owned facilities, implementing court security within the Courthouse and Annex, facilitating the change from self-insured health insurance to a more financially economical health plan, as well as rejuvenating the parks and recreation department. I hope to continue the working relationships Ms. Wallace assisted in repairing with Elected Officials and local organizations, as well as helping the county thrive by providing the Commission with detailed and relevant information in order for them to make informed decisions with regards to the operations of the County.”

Perry also noted, “Our office receives inquiries regarding new topics/concerns/requests every day. I often remark that I learn something new every day while in the office. I am honored to work alongside the Commission as their new Administrator. I will continue to serve the community to the best of my ability.”

Perry was also asked to provide a quote or share something she has learned about life or Upshur County to which she responded. “Everything happens for a reason cliché, I know. While my promotion to County Administrator was not planned, this is a phenomenal opportunity for myself and Ms. Wallace. I am proud that she and I will both be serving Upshur County in a capacity that results in improving the quality of life for the community.”

Perry also invited the public to contact her if a question arises. To contact Tabatha Perry, call her office at (304) 472-0535 ext. 2. Perry noted that email is the preferrable means of communication as she often respond to emails during sporadic pockets of time she find throughout the day. Perry can be reached by email at [email protected]

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