One on one: Lauren Chickosky

BUCKHANNON — Welcome to the second article in the new series “one on one.” This series of articles will go in depth with different people around Upshur County, allowing everyone a moment to shine. For the second installment, The Record Delta sat down with West Virginia Wesleyan College student Lauren Chickosky to discuss what it is like to intern with the Buckhannon Police Department.

WVWC senior Lauren Chickosky is double majoring in Criminal Justice and Health Sciences. Along with the double major, she is also a student athlete competing in cross-country and track and field.

Although Chickosky is originally from Stafford, Conn., she has fallen in love with Buckhannon and, like her fellow intern Dylan Major, has already applied for a position with the Buckhannon Police Department. “Law enforcement has been in my mom’s side of the family and I always looked up to them and loved what they did,” Chickosky shared. “In high school I was also part of the Junior Police Explorers because I always wanted to be a cop or go into the military. I knew that this internship would help me decide if I wanted to go straight into the military after college or go right into law enforcement. This internship has definitely made me want to go right into law enforcement.”

“In this field, you learn to always trust your gut and your intuition. You learn a lot of respect for the police officers and what they go through every day. People should definitely have a lot of respect for them,” said Chickosky. “One of my favorite things that I have gotten to do as part of my internship is to participate in searching for evidence regarding a case and writing the list of collected evidence.”

Chickosky noted that the Buckhannon Police Department treats everyone like family, has everyone’s back and has been really welcoming. Moreover, Chickosky said, “My mom always said when I was growing up to do something I love.”

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