One on One: Jessica Scott

Jess Scott

BUCKHANNON — Jessica Scott, West Virginia Wesleyan College professor, recently published a children’s book, “Miss Penelope Thunder Toes Changes Her Mind.” Scott was born and raised in Clarksburg, W.Va. and is a graduate of WVWC. She now educates the college on gender studies, sociology and music. 

Scott found the inspiration for this story from her own pet pigs and her nieces and nephews helped her declare the title. The story is based on an additional pet pig joining the family and the original pig is weary of the addition to the family.

Scott explains that this story can be interpreted in many ways, but the most important way to look at the story is family. She says that it can be related to adoption, a new child being born into the family, children being raised by their grandparents and that there are multiple messages to describe all different types of families.

The story was published with the help of one of Scott’s previous students, Angel King. King has created Silent Books Publishing, where the company helps authors self-publish. King found an illustrator for “Miss Penelope Thunder Toes Changes Her Mind” so that the story could be brought to life.

Since Scott published the book, she has read the story to many children. She enjoys seeing how the children react and finds happiness in giving children something that they can enjoy while they are young. The Foundation for better schools in Upshur County has bought five copies of the book for every elementary school in Upshur County. Scott has been invited to do readings for many classes in Upshur County. The schools like to give the students a chance to interact with an author and give them a chance to share what stories they would like to write about.

Scott has a few ideas for future children’s books and her nieces and nephews tell her to write about the two dogs that she has recently adopted. Scott however does want to write more about pigs, as “Miss Penelope Thunder Toes Changes Her Mind,” has been very educational towards the animal. Scott wants to create advocacy for the animal, as pigs are very cute and cuddly when they are little but once they grow people get overwhelmed. The pigs frequently get rehomed and this helps tell the story about all different types of families.


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