One on one: Jakob Spruce

Jakob Spruce

BUCKHANNON — For this edition of The Record Delta’s One on One, WVWC Intern Emily Reed sat down with Jakob Spruce, a 2022 West Virginia Wesleyan College graduate, who now holds the position as Upshur County School’s Fine Arts Facilitator.

Spruce is originally from Charleston, W.Va. where he graduated from Capitol High School. There he was a dancer at the high school, an actor with Contemporary Youth Arts Company that created social action plays for the community and worked for Charleston Light Opera Guild as a spotlight operator.

When asked why he decided to receive a degree in Theater Arts (Tech and Design), Spruce responded, “I got to college and realized that I could not see a life without theater. I thought of it as a hobby before college, but once I got here, I realized that it was something that I wanted in my life every day.” While at WVWC, Spruce obtained roles as a costume shop manager, designing for over a dozen productions, a lighting designer for multiple dance productions, and directed a feature film titled, “What I Want.” The soundtrack of “What I Want” is available on Spotify and the first public screening of the film will occur on October 20 and 21 at the Colonial Arts Center in Buckhannon.

Currently as the Fine Arts Facilitator of Upshur County Schools, Spruce is working on “Boooochannon,” the community Halloween events hosted for all ages. He is working alongside Almost Heaven Barbeque Bash on the upcoming Art Car Parade, as well as WVWC to provide art demonstrations and hands on activities for students in their classrooms.

When asked what he wanted to improve for students in Upshur County when it came to creative and performing arts, Spruce answered, “I want to increase visibility of the art in the community and I want to provide opportunities for students to create and experience art.” Spruce is working with local artists to collaborate with the schools in Upshur County and is going to continue working with The Record Delta to showcase two fine arts students every week to display their recent achievements.


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