One on One: Dough Re Mi

BUCKHANNON — Dough Re Mi is a local joint where visitors do not have to spend money to enjoy their time. The local bakery is located at 39 College Ave, in Buckhannon. Here they feature many different things that have allowed them to stand out in our local community.

Daniel Cain and Talia Chopyak, who have been operating the bakery since 2019, say they encourage people to come in and take notice of their community shelf. This is something Dough Re Mi has provided space for people to leave and take items that other people may need.

The bakery has an ever-changing menu, offering the same meal for a week at a time and reprepare it daily. The meals will often include a sandwich of some sort and a soup, which will often be gluten-free or vegan. They also offer different baked goods weekly. Dough Re Mi offers allergen-friendly foods, which are frequently gluten-free, but other allergies can be adjusted upon pre-order or special request.

Dough Re Mi decided to specialize in allergen-friendly food because of the limited options that are available locally. Cain says, “Everyone likes treats!” The foods that are allergen friendly taste good to everyone and are of great quality.

All items are baked in-store and some pastries are sent to Stone Tower Brews of Buckhannon weekly. People can also, occasionally find Dough Re Mi pastries at Stone Tower Brews of Bridgeport and The Joe in Fairmont.

Patrons can find the meals that Dough Re Mi is serving for the week on their Facebook or Instagram. Time spent in Dough Re Mi can include many things: lunch, pastries, coffee, local items and the mutual aid shelves. The bakery is very unique to Buckhannon and people are encouraged to come in and visit.


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