Odd Holiday: National Coloring Day

National Coloring Day is an annual event celebrated every September 14. On National Coloring Day, celebrate by letting your imagination soar and getting creative on paper with art mediums, such as crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint or oil pastels.

Coloring is not just for kids and serves as a great stress reducer. National Coloring Day reminds us to take time for ourselves and our minds. There are many ways to celebrate National Coloring Day, so just grab your favorite materials and get started!

Don’t have a coloring book? No problem just use some plain paper and go online to print free coloring pages. An interesting thought by National Today is to have a coloring party to celebrate National Coloring Day. “People love parties and you can share the joys of coloring with all your friends on National Coloring Day. Buy some colored pencils, a coloring book with perforated pages and spread them out on any flat surface. Share the colored pencils and socialize while you work!” National Today said.

Another suggestion by National Today is to donate art supplies. “It’s unfortunate that over the past decade, schools are experiencing reduced budgets for their fine arts programs. On National Coloring Day, make a difference by donating coloring supplies to your local school arts program. Many libraries also offer after-school activities and, thanks to your generous donation, coloring might just become one of the children’s favorite activities,” said National Today.

There are also many reasons to love National Coloring Day, including the fact that coloring promotes wellness, coloring is fun and it takes you beyond coloring books. Coloring is said by National Today to be a profoundly beneficial hobby as it is both creative and repetitive. “It allows your mind to get absorbed in what you’re doing and let some of those high-level cognitive functions take a break. Coloring is also wordless, which lets your linguistic processes take a breather, too,” said National Today.

Coloring is also fun. Aside from the benefits of reducing stress, it is a highly creative activity and thus enjoyable. Coloring can serve as a get-away experience.

In honor of National Coloring Day, also check out these fun facts about colors provided by greetingcardpoet.com

• Pink helps soothe the nerves and, therefore, is great for anger management.

• Chromophobia is an irrational and ongoing fear of color and arises from a traumatic event associated with a color.

• Yellow and red together make people hungry, which is why food chains often use them in advertising.

• The color wheel was invented by Isaac Newton around the year 1665.

• Around 62% to 90% of the first impression is based on the colors you are wearing. Therefore, for a strong impression, you should avoid neutrals. Wearing black clothing makes a person appear more powerful.

• The Executive Coloring Book of the 1960s made adult coloring books trendy.

• Colors can effectively trigger childhood memories.

• Infants as young as two weeks old can view the red color. The color vision continues to develop to include other colors till they can see the full spectrum by 5 months.


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