New year, new you?

BUCKHANNON— With 2018 winding down, it’s time to start thinking about 2019.

New Year’s Resolutions are the first thing that come to most people’s minds when thinking about the new year.

Weight loss, getting in better shape, new jobs, and saving money are usually what to come to mind.

The top five New Year’s Resolutions are exercise more; lose weight; eat more healthily; take a more active approach to health; and learn a new skill or hobby.

We sampled our readers here at the Record Delta to see what resolutions were being made, if any, with this new year.

Responses were wide ranging. Some people vowed they never make resolutions of any kind while others were ready to meet the new year with resolutions in hand.

Carol Gilbert responded to our Facebook page noting that she was resolving to read her Bible more.

Keturah Frye noted she was planning to make each day better than the last, and to make herself better each day.

Bob Smith has resolved to save money in 2019. He stated firmly that 2019 will be the year he succeeds in saving money.

“I’m going to stash a little bit away every paycheck, so at the end of the year I’ll have something to hold onto,” he said.

Francis Lockhart said she made none.

“If I don’t make them, I can’t break them,” she said.

We, here at the Record Delta, are resolving to make this paper the best one possible in 2019 for our readers.

If you are making New Year’s Resolutions this year, here a few tips to keep them in sight and attainable, according to the experts.

Be realistic. Steer away from goals like never eating unhealthy again. Rather make the goal to eat healthier each day.

Plan ahead. Failure to plan is a sure way to fail.

Outline your plan. Decide how you will deal with temptations and roadblocks.

Talk about it. Don’t keep your resolutions a secret. Use all the support you can get from family and friends.

Reward yourself. Treat yourself to a reward that doesn’t contradict your resolutions.

And, of course, if you haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions, be supportive to those who have in an effort to help them attain their goals.


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