New Stop Signs Installed

BUCKHANNON- Drivers in the downtown Buckhannon area need to be aware of a few new stop signs installed by city workers this week. Stop signs were installed on S. Florida Street at the intersection of Madison Street adjacent to the public safety complex and Jawbone Park.

These new stops were approved at the May 23 Buckhannon Consolidated Public Works Board meeting and are designed to improve safety in that area, according to city officials. City officials noted their appreciation of drivers slowing down and being mindful of the change when traveling on S. Florida Street.

Public reception to the new stop signs has been mixed with some people thankful for the new stops to slow traffic for children living and playing in the area, while others feel the new stops were unnecessary and possibly needed in other locations.

One social media commenter noted a three-way stop sign near Cook’s Grocery would be more beneficial given the recent vehicle/pedestrian accidents in that area.

The Buckhannon Consolidated Public Works Board also approved a motion to designate Traders Alley one way (traffic permitted to go south) from Main Street to Milkman Lane.

Members also approved a motion posting the speed limit to 15 mph for Friendly Way and Public Safety Complex.


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