New sound system may be coming to Jawbone Park

BUCKHANNON— People who use Jawbone Park may not have to bring their own music system for much longer. At the last city council meeting the councilors discussed the prospect of adding a permanent sound system to the park. Councilman CJ Rylands is the executive director of Create Buckhannon which hosts Festival Fridays. He said  the current system is brought from another location and is hard to set up and use.

“I purchased the sound system that was eventually going to be put into the Opera House,” Rylands said. “For the last six years, it was stored in the trailer and I would take it down, set it up, break it down, leave it in the trailer. Well, now that it's set up in the Opera House, we would put it in the trailer, take it down, set it up, put it in the trailer take it back out and it would be too cumbersome to do on a regular basis.”

Rylands said. “The current sound system does not work well with the location.

“One of the issues with the sound system is, we set it on the stage and  you have to turn the volume up pretty high to push the sound out there,” Rylands said. That is when people are walking back and forth on the promenade. It's very loud and with the speakers there'll be up higher and out in the front.”

Rylands said the new project has been estimated to cost about $15,000 and Create Buckhannon has already agreed to put forth $5,000.

Jawbone Park is the home for Festival Fridays during the summer months and Rylands said other groups and organizations would be able to use the new system as well.

“This would be available for any number of groups,” Rylands said. There's a lot of details that would have to be worked out as far as another entity or group to use it. They would probably have to get checked out by some  capable person or that person would have to be contracted to come and make all the hookups and manage and mix the sound. But it would afford a lot more opportunities to have events down at Jawbone Park.”

Rylands said they would try to get the project done by Memorial Day.

“This is set to kickoff Memorial Day and I know how that's not that far away and if we don't start to taking actions now we would have to scramble to figure out how to do this.” He said.

Mayor David McCauley suggested the city could put forth another $5,000. The council took no action at the meeting.

“If the city  committed $5,000 for this and we were to conduct a campaign to raise the other $5,000 in the next couple of three months, is that something the council would support?” McCauley asked. “As I often do, I'll toss the first $100 to the third $5,000 increment.”


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