New parking ordinance now in effect near college campus

BUCKHANNON – When townspeople talk about residential parking near the college, a battle of the college students versus Buckhannon residents is the topic of conversation.

  City council recently put into effect a fairly new parking ordinance which limits the parking on College Avenue, Barbour Street, Pocahontas Street and Fayette Street.

This ordinance states that you must have a residential parking permit if you park more than two consecutive hours between 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Vehicles that are parked without a properly displayed residential parking permit or exceeding the two-hour limit will be issued a $25 ticket.   

  Each hour violations can be given meaning should a vehicle be ticketed for a two-hour violation, another citation can be issued after three hours and with each hour thereafter.When asked about how some college students and residents feel about the parking ordinance, there were mixed signals given.

  While some residents think that this is an improvement to opening up parking spaces near their home, Tina Rodrigue, Buckhannon resident, says, “I understand that parking for the college students is tough especially since there isn’t a lot of parking around the campus, but some college students will over stay their welcome and stay parked outside of my house all week without moving.” While others like Randy Corathers, Wesleyan Alumni think otherwise.     

“What about when I want to visit my granddad? I shouldn’t have to park far away from his house just to visit him.”

When asked about the situation of families having other parts of their family to visit for a couple days, each resident will receive two parking permits and one of those parking passes can be given to them while they visit.

  According to language in Ordinance 430, “Residential Parking Permit” or “Permit” shall mean a placard, card, sticker, or such other device as may be issued by the City of Buckhannon, which shall identify the bearer as a Resident or a guest of a Resident for purposes of this Ordinance. A Residential Parking Permit must be openly displayed on a vehicle as provided in this Ordinance when parked within the Residential-Only Parking Zone.

  This ordinance is still new and will take some time to get used to. You are encouraged to contact City Hall with any questions at 304-472-1651.


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