New County Commissioner sworn into duty

BUCKHANNON — On Friday, September 16, the Upshur County Commission welcomed new commissioner Douglas K. Bush. Bush was sworn into duty at the Upshur County Courthouse by Judge Jake E. Reger.

Upshur County Commission President Kristie G. Tenney referred to West Virginia Code 3-10-7 which covers vacancies in offices of county commissioner and clerk of county commissions. The code states in section A, “Any vacancy in the office of county commissioner or clerk of county commission shall be filled by appointment by the county commission. The appointee must be a person of the same political party with which the person holding the office immediately preceding the vacancy was affiliated at the time the vacancy occurred: Provided, that at the time of appointment, the appointee must have been a member of that political party for at least 60 days prior to the occurrence of the vacancy.”

Tenney commented, “With that being said, Commissioner Nolte and I have 30 days to come to a mutual agreement according to W.Va. code. We would like to thank all the individuals that reached out and submitted letters of interest to fill the vacant position for the remainder of the term of our dear friend and colleague Commissioner Cutright. Death is a tragedy in any situation but during this time it is especially difficult to replace our fellow commissioner. As the good book reads do not boost about tomorrow for you do not know what the day may being forth. Commissioner Nolte and I feel in order to do right by the citizens of Upshur County it is best for us to come to terms and agree to choose a representative from District 2 as soon as possible, who we mutually agreed upon. Everyone that submitted a letter of interest brought value to the table and we appreciate your commitment to your district. We feel confident the following individual will work hard for the citizens of Upshur County as he has proven his commitment to our great state through promoting and protecting the conservation of W.Va. Along with his passion and service to the youth throughout his career. This position often requires a tactful approach and this individual portrayed this through a heartfelt letter of interest acknowledging the passing of Terry Cutright and what an honor it would be to serve the citizens.”

Bush will fill the position for the remainder of the noted time through November of 2024.


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