New Blessing Box ready to serve the community

TENNERTON — With the current economy, it is no secret that some members of the community are struggling with everyday essentials, such as food. Thanks to the Tennerton Lions Club and the Buckhannon-Upshur High School Leos, Upshur County has another Blessing Box to act as a self-serve, take what you need, leave what you can, source.

Former Buckhannon Mayor Nancy Shobe stated, “If we have the little free libraries; why can’t we have Blessing Boxes?” Once Shobe was able to raise the money, city employees assisted by building the boxes. After putting items into the very first box, several people approached Shobe’s friend and asked if they could have some of the items in the box. That is the moment Shobe realized how much people were in need. “I think it’s such a blessing and I want to thank the Leo Club. The sign says it all – Take what you need, Leave what you can, Above all be Blessed,” expressed Shobe. “That’s what we want to do in this community; be a blessing to everyone else.”

Originally the Leo’s Club needed a service project to give back to the community as a whole. Some of the members noticed the Blessing Boxes and decided that was what they wanted to tackle for their project because as one Leo said, “It is a terrific way to give back.”

Over the past four years, the Leo’s members have raised over $500. Each box costs $150 and they also used some of that money to fill a few of the area Blessing Boxes. Tennerton United Methodist Church’s Pastor Dwayne Brown anointed the box with oil and said a prayer over the box at the Tennerton location on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

The Tennerton United Methodist Church is the seventh box to be built in Upshur County.

Other locations include Church of God on Thurman Avenue, Jawbone Park, Brushstroke Ministries, Buckhannon Mission Church, Buckhannon Housing Authority and behind the Chapel at West Virginia Wesleyan College. Although not all the Blessing Boxes were put up or started by the same organizations, they are a great example of how a community works together to help others in need.

Contributors/sponsors for this Blessing Box and others include Michael Meadows (Leo Club Advisor), Tiffany Board (Leo Club Advisor), Payton Frame (Leo Club Secretary), Ellanora Hines (Leo Club member), Ryanna Hines (Leo Club President), Dwayne Brown (Tennerton Lions Member and Tennerton United Methodist Church Pastor), Penny and John Haymond Jr. (Tennerton Lions Club who sponsors the Leo Club at the High School).


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