National Guard Chief visits Mon Health SJMH to thank guardsman

WESTON — Major General William E. Crane, Adjutant General of the West Virginia National Guard visited Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital (SJMH), in Weston, on Tuesday, February 28.

The purpose of his visit was to thank the Guardsmen assigned to the hospital who assisted staff during the recent COVID-19 surge. They assisted in several departments including Imaging, Laboratory, Supply Chain, Environmental Services, and Screening. The General also provided each Guardsman with his own special coin as a “thank you”. The five Guardsman honored were Zachary Ward, William Barnette, Aaron Waugh, Mark Haywood, Ryan Warren, and Carl Peyatt.

During remarks, he noted that 350 Guardsmen had been sent to help hospitals throughout the state but reminded the Guardsmen that these hospitals had been working for two years in attacking the pandemic without outside help.

“I am thankful and grateful to be able to provide these services to hospitals in the state,” Crane commented. “We asked you to help and you all are the superstars. You make the Guard a superior organization. We will continue to help as asked.”

Kevin Stalnaker, Chief Administrative Officer of Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, was also present during the event and thanked the General and Guardsmen for their help. He pointed out that there were times when the Guardsmen really filled in for times when staff was hobbled by COVID-19.

“The Guardsmen have been appreciated and respected by our staff here. We really can’t thank them enough for their help,” said Stalnaker.