Multiple individuals now facing child neglect charges

CHARLESTON — Two separate incidents have resulted with three individuals receiving charges of child neglect with risk of serious injury. Both incidents occurred on Saturday, September 24 in Upshur County. Dustin Albert Culverhouse, age 38, of Flatwoods, and 45-year-old Allen Jason Nuttle and 30-year-old Bobbie Ranae Nixon, both of Buckhannon, are all currently incarcerated.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Sergeant M.F. O’Connor, of the Buckhannon City Police Department, it is noted that Sergeant O’ Connor responded to the Dollar General for an unresponsive/unconscious subject on Saturday, September 24.  It was noted that upon arriving on scene, Officer McCauley witnessed the male subject identified as Dustan Culverhouse out of his vehicle with Upshur County EMS attempting to wake him.

Upon waking him and his refusal to go to the hospital, Officer McCauley then performed a search which revealed a bag of methamphetamine. After locating this bag, Culverhouse admitted that a second bag was located in the center console of his vehicle. The total amount of methamphetamine was 5.2 grams. It was determined that while this was occurring, two of Culverhouse’s children were attending a party at Skateland. Law enforcement had been notified after Culverhouse failed to pick up his children from the party and during this time, Culverhouse was located at Dollar General and had appeared to have just ingested methamphetamine, which caused him to go unresponsive instead of picking up his children knowing that he had to bring them back to Braxton County by driving. Culverhouse remains at Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $25,000 cash/surety bond.

In another criminal complaint filed by Sergeant O’Connor, it revealed that on Saturday, September 24, officers of the Buckhannon Police Department responded to a call for removal of an unwanted person. Upon arriving to the scene officers spoke with Bobbie Nixon, who said that her boyfriend Allen Nuttle had kept her up all night and due to that, an argument started.

While on scene, Nuttle contacted Nixon, who advised he would like to speak with law enforcement to give his side of the story. Sergeant O’Conner then went to speak with Nuttle and while speaking with him said that Nixon had kept him up all night. Nuttle was then provided with a phone number to contact. Approximately three hours and 15 minutes later, officers were called back related to same incident. It was reported that Nixon had taken her and Nuttle’s child down the street and had communicated that the child was up for adoption and the individual stated no and then Nixon said goodbye and left.

Shortly after, the witness to this contacted 911 and it was reported that Nuttle was located at his residence and was slumped over in a chair and unable to wake. At this point Upshur County EMS and Buckhannon Fire Department responded to provide aid to Nuttle. Nuttle refused to go to hospital and did appear to be intoxicated and unable to comprehend what Sergeant O’Connor was explaining to him. Sergeant O’Connor then left the residence to assist Officer McCauley with the child. While with the witness it was reported that Nuttle has slapped Nixon with a diaper that had been filled with feces. Photographs were presented to Sergeant O’Connor that showed a brown substance smeared across Nixon’s face and hair.

Approximately 25 minutes later, Sergeant O’Connor returned to arrest Nuttle and was unable to tell law enforcement where his child was. At this point, Nuttle was still unable to comprehend what was being explained to him. Shortly after, Nixon was located on Reynolds Lane in only a t-shirt with a book at which point she was also taken into custody. Search warrants were then obtained to determine the level of controlled substance and/or alcohol in their blood as both suspects seemed to be unable to provide care for their 3-year-old autistic child. Both Nixon and Nuttle are being held in Tygart Valley Regional Jail both with a $25,000 cash/surety bond each.


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