Mooney visits the Delta

BUCKHANNON — Charlestown to Charleston, and then to Buckhannon, was the route of travel for Congressmen Alex Mooney on Tuesday, July 30.  Mooney made a stop at The Record Delta for an informative meeting.  He had his daughter Cammie in tow, along with an entourage of staff and interns eager to visit with constituents.  Mooney is in Washington, D.C. four days per week, so traveling the district that he serves and spending time with his children can be a daunting task, but is one that he clearly enjoys.

When asked of Mooney, what he is doing for this district, he replied, “I am on the financial services committee and the reason I am on that, is to look out for rural areas.  Rural areas need investments too.”  Mooney said, “I am a watchdog for rural areas like Upshur and Randolph Counties.”  The economy is doing well, according to Mooney.  He stated, “I think one of the reasons is because we cut the taxes and freed up some of the money to make it available for loans and starting businesses.”  Mooney advised that is precisely what he is doing for this district. 

The August district work period began last week with a controversial vote.  Mooney cast a vote to not borrow another $2 trillion and add it to the huge existing debt.  He stated, “I stand by that vote.  Some republicans voted for it, President Trump signed it, most democrats voted for it, but I did not vote for it.”  Mooney continued, “I think we need to balance our budget. Timewise, we are going to go another year to year and a half, until we rack up another $2 trillion in debt and then we are going to have the same problem.  We’ve been doing this for years; we are over $20 trillion in debt.”  The Congressman explained this is a problem for future generations; if you do the math, it is over $100,000 per taxpayer.  Foreign countries are buying these debts, not other Americans.  Mooney stated, “I said when I ran for this job, I would be fiscally conservative, and I am doing that even when pressures mount.”  He would like voters to know that he has kept his word with regards to his fiscal approach.

Not only has Mooney been involved with economic development roundtables, but also with opioid roundtable discussions.  Drug addiction issues are vast; they know no boundaries - racial or geographical.  High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) is a program that Mooney is in support of.  The Congressman explained that Randolph County has requested membership of the Appalachia HIDTA.  Funding through HIDTA can provide additional resources to expand efforts of eradicating the drug problem.  Mooney stated, “It all starts with the arrest.  People have to fall between a rock and a hard place to begin the process of getting off drugs.”

In discussions of rehabilitation services for the drug addicted, Mooney indicated that he did not have a strong opinion on privately funded institutions versus state funded facilities.  He stated, “I am open to both methods.  Private organizations will often apply for some type of state funding.  There has been some success in Kanawha County with privately funded programs for women and for men, but they do get some grants and other funding from the state.”  In further discussions of faith-based programs, Mooney stated, “If the faith-based programs are getting the best results, then we need to support that. I am all for that.”  Mooney went on to say, “I think it would be terrible to withhold funds from faith-based organizations.”

Mooney’s three-day tour was jam packed with political appearances and personal endeavors with his daughter.  The Congressman was traveling on to Randolph County after his appearance in Upshur County.  Follow The Record Delta for ongoing news from Congressman Mooney’s office. 


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