Mon Health SJMH now offering Cardiac TeleMon Service

WESTON — The staff of Mon Health Heart & Vascular Center recently unveiled TeleMon, a new instrument for providing excellent care for patients suffering from cardiac issues at Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital in Weston.

The new TeleMon system allows a bedside examination by a cardiologist via the internet when the physician is not physically available. Nurse practitioner Stephanie Barker of the Heart and Vascular Center is with the patient during and facilitates the examination. There are two TeleMon stations available – one at the 66 Hospital Plaza Heart & Vascular office and the other at the Hospital.

Barker explained that she will coordinate an appointment with the physician for the inpatient.  During the appointment, the patient and physician will communicate face-to-face during the consultation. The physician can then control a camera to complete the physical assessment. TeleMon also has stethoscope capability to allow the physician to listen to the lungs and heart.

“This addition to the Clinic and Hospital provides another tool for much-needed cardiac care close to home,” said Dr. Sami Aljohani, Cardiologist at the Weston Heart & Vascular office.

Adding to the tools in the fight against heart disease is important for the community. West Virginia ranks first highest in the nation in the prevalence of heart attack (7.5%) and coronary heart disease (8.0%). The state ranks seventh highest in the nation in the prevalence of stroke (4.4%) and the overall cardiovascular disease prevalence is highest in the nation according to the WV Department of Health and Human Resources.

The availability of this procedure along with having the award-winning Mon Health Heart and Vascular Center in North Central WV is essential for the heart health of the community. The Center offers patients the expertise and comfort they deserve, close to home. From diagnostics to surgery, the Mon Health physicians use a comprehensive approach focused on individualized care and exceptional outcomes.

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