Mon Health Recovery Program restores hope for patient recovering from addiction

WESTON — Dr. Bruce Gorby of Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital brings hope to those suffering from substance abuse, whether the addiction is alcohol, gambling, methamphetamine, or opioids. He offers help with his treatment center located next to the Weston hospital. He opened his specialty in addiction treatment in 2019.

One of Dr. Gorby’s patients, Amanda Jones, became involved in drugs and alcohol at the age of eight, her mother and father were alcoholics, as well as her paternal and maternal grandparents. By the age of ten, Amanda was placed in an adolescent rehabilitation center. Eventually, her older brother succumbed to a methamphetamine addiction and her other brother is currently in prison. As Dr. Gorby explains, the incidence of substance abuse as an inherited factor may be as high as 50 to 60%.

Though only in her mid-thirties, she has been incarcerated 19 times and has overdosed seven times. Her last overdose happened in the woods and she says that her cat saved her.

“I would like to feel normal,” explained Amanda. “I want to live life without drugs or alcohol, but it has been a process. I had to want it all. I now have meaning and purpose but without this program, I would not be where I am today. Dr. Gorby is my mentor and provided the structure I needed. Now I want to give back to the community.”

Amanda was one of the first patients for Dr. Gorby when he opened his program. He encouraged her to read about addiction and attend meetings. She took his advice and even began chairing meetings and has started up groups. She now has a commitment to staying clean. Amanda has held a job for a year and has brought members of her family back into her life who were “lost.”

“As an addicted person, I did not realize what I was doing to other people, especially the ones I loved. My addiction affected everyone in my life, but I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Gorby in my life. Honestly, I relapsed several times, but he stood with me. I just wanted to have a decent life. One of my first steps was taking responsibility for what I had done, and he helped me do that.”

With the help of Dr. Gorby, her lineup of professionals, and her own willpower and perseverance, Amanda has turned her life around.

In addition to Dr. Gorby’s Addiction Medicine, the hospitals of the Mon Health System including Grafton City Hospital have created the Mon Health Recovery Care Program. Mon Health Medical Center, Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, Grafton City Hospital and Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital provide support and services at the Emergency Room with a peer recovery program. These hospitals have peer recovery coaches available for patients in the ER who screen for substance use. Mon Health Medical Center and Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital also provide an Overdose Survivors Outreach Program (OSOP) Coach who helps those patients in the community. In addition to a Reverse the Cycle program, Mon Health Preston Memorial Hospital has also opened a recovery care clinic which follows the Comprehensive Opioid Addiction Treatment (COAT) model.

For more information about the Mon Health Recovery Program at Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, call 304-884-8941. To learn more about Mon Health, visit