Miller jailed in latest drug bust

HODGESVILLE — The persistence of the Upshur County Sheriff’s Department paid off Tuesday, when they made another successful drug bust.

While searching for a woman wanted for parole violations at a Hodgesville residence, Chief Deputy Mike Coffman coincidentally saw a man jump out of the home’s side window. The man, later identified as Jesse Todd Miller, was reportedly wearing a flannel shirt with a hat and sunglasses while carrying a backpack as he walked through the back yard. According to Deputy Coffman, the subject fled after he saw the uniformed officer in his marked police cruiser approaching him. Miller reportedly ran behind the nearby storage buildings and failed to comply when the officer made contact with him and told the accused to stop running.

Deputies T. Caynor and D. Linger arrived on scene to assist and they quickly discovered that Miller was the subject they were chasing. They knew that Miller had multiple warrants for his arrest as they had reportedly been looking for him for months. The officers then received further information of Miller’s whereabouts on Hacker’s Creek Road and Deputy Linger actually encountered the defendant who attempted to conceal his identity as the person in question by altering his appearance. Miller had removed the flannel shirt, hat and sunglasses, then reportedly attempted to thwart the search by telling Deputy Linger he saw the man they were looking for get into a silver car and flee the area, but Deputy Coffman recognized the defendant as he approached from behind and immediately arrested the wanted man who almost evaded capture.

According to Deputy Coffman, Miller knew he was a wanted person and was very aware that they were attempting to arrest him, as further confirmed by altering his appearance and giving false directions to law enforcement, so he was consequently charged with obstructing an officer. During the search to arrest, they also discovered a substantial amount of drugs, items commonly used in the distribution of narcotics, and cash in Miller’s backpack.

Among the items found inside Miller’s backpack were approximately 440 stamps of heroin and fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine, scales, bags and approximately $7,300 in cash.

Miller is currently detained without bond at Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a Circuit Court capias for failure to appear for a probation violation, fleeing on foot and violation of a protective order, in addition to the new charges of possession with intent to deliver controlled substances, fleeing and obstructing.


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