Micrologic offers free services to City

BUCKHANNON — Emiel “Butch” Butcher, attended the July 3 Buckhannon City Council meeting and proposed that his large and wireless network company provide service to the City of Buckhannon. Butcher is the owner of Micrologic, located in Buckhannon. Butcher presented the idea of managing the City of Buckhannon’s intranet wireless network for a sum total of $0.00.

Micrologic currently offers free Wi-Fi service to the Upshur County Pool and the Brushy Fork Event Center. Butcher would like to implement Wi-Fi services at Jawbone Park so vendors could easily accept credit card payments and in general have internet access for events that take place at the park.

The only thing Butcher is asking is that there is an emphasis of collaboration between Micrologic and the City of Buckhannon as a way to give back to the community. The wireless network that the city currently uses actually impedes with Micrologic’s ability to do work in certain areas throughout town according to Butcher. During his proposal to the council, Butcher stated, “Our network is monitored and maintained and battery backed-up.” Butcher further stated, “Most of the area that your service currently covers we actually have better coverage.” Micrologic has 19 new transmitter sites scheduled for Upshur County within the next 18 months which will promote extremely good coverage.

Micrologic is a privately-run company. In exchange for the free services to the city, Butcher would like to put webcams on Main Street and Jawbone Park to help further the online presence of Micrologic and also the City of Buckhannon. This would allow people that live here and those who have moved away to log on and view the main areas and see what is going on. This would also be at no cost to the city.

Mayor David McCauley asked that Butcher get an official proposal together before the next City Council meeting. A committee will be designated for the decision of implementation of Micrologic services to the city. Butcher started the Micrologic company in 1994. The best technology Micrologic uses is line of sight and they now do a near line of sight service. They are starting a process called micropops which enables them to offer faster speeds at more competitive prices. Robbie Skinner, Council Member, stated, “I have the service and it is fantastic. I have had it for years and never had a problem.

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