M.I.B. Gallery presents new exhibit

BUCKHANNON — New art is now on display after a grand reception was held at the M.I.B Gallery Friday evening.

ART26201 held the opening for “The Things We Carry,” a solo exhibition by artist Priscilla Roggenkamp in the Colonial Arts Center. The M.I.B. Gallery will be open to the public from 4-8 p.m. on August 27-28 and September 3-4, and 10-11. Those in attendance at the reception heard an inspiring presentation by the artist.

Roggenkamp is an artist and teacher who studied at Kent State University (M.F.A.), University of Arkansas (M.Ed.), and Heidelberg College (B.A.). Roggenkamp lives with her husband Rudy on a farm in northeast Ohio. The artist also maintains a studio in downtown Alliance, Ohio, while also teaching at Ashland University.

“Working in the studio is a collaboration with and a tugging between ideas and materials. I have form ideas, but so do my materials. I have skills and techniques to use, but my materials whisper ways they wish to go,” said Roggenkamp. “I mediate the dialogue between us and hope to arrive at some place of agreement. If things go too smoothly, I may not be pushing hard enough. If they are impossible, I may be asking too much. Satisfaction comes in the arrival at a place of agreement and resolution.”

Roggenkamp continued, “In my textile sculptures, I am often asking the question, ‘What do we carry through life, and how does that affect us?’ My sculptures often refer to functional forms used for carrying, such as buckets and luggage. These are containers to be filled and a means of transporting the practical ‘stuff’ needed for many of life’s tasks. The works are often human in scale, so that they feel familiar and relatable. But they are decidedly not wearable.”

All events at the M.I.B. Gallery are free and open to the public. Significant financial assistance for the Colonial Arts Center’s rehabilitation project has been provided by the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History, ART26201, and Buckhannon Community Theatre. ART26201 is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “celebrate and promote the creative and inspirational opportunities in the Buckhannon community.”

For information about projects and for ways to provide financial contributions or volunteer support, email [email protected] or visit their website at www.ART26201.com.


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