Meth contributes to weekend arrest

BUCKHANNON—A Buckhannon woman, Amy Jo Malcomb, 40, was arrested on Sunday, July 7. Malcomb was charged with driving while license revoked for non-DUI, 3rd offense and possession of a controlled substance Schedule II drug. The vehicle driven by Malcomb was registered to Mark Riggs of French Creek.

Officer Tyler Gordon of the Upshur County Sheriff’s Department observed Malcomb traveling South on West Virginia Route 20 in Buckhannon. The vehicle Malcomb was operating stopped past the stop line at the traffic light on Route 20 and Main Street, the vehicle continued to inch further and further into the intersection until the light changed to green, according to the criminal complaint.

Gordon initiated a traffic stop in the Speedway parking lot, the suspect passed the first entrance of Speedway before turning in and then circled the entire parking lot before coming to a stop. A great deal of movement was observed inside the vehicle once the blue lights were activated per the court documents.

Gordon identified the driver as Amy Jo Malcomb and had prior knowledge of the defendant’s driver’s license being revoked and also several prior convictions of driving on revoked, this information was later confirmed by the Upshur Comm Center. Gordon asked Malcomb to step out of the vehicle and asked her if there were anything illegal inside of the vehicle to which Malcomb replied “no.”

The criminal report filed by Gordon indicated that a series of impairment tests were administered due to Malcomb presenting with dilated pupils. Malcomb declined consent for Gordon to search the vehicle therefore Sgt. M Powers and K-9 of the UCSD was dispatched to the scene and an exterior sniff of Malcomb’s vehicle gave a positive alert.

Powers and Gordon conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle and discovered a black zip container, containing approximately 17.5 grams of crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine, an empty bag inside, a digital scale, and $298 in cash. Court documents indicated
that Malcomb stated the methamphetamine came from another county and she paid $600 for the meth she bought, which would be consistent with an ounce, or 28 grams of methamphetamine.

Malcomb is currently being held in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail on two felony charges. The combined bail set for her release is $50,000.


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