Meet the new editor

It’s great to be here at The Record Delta. It’s an exciting opportunity. I look forward to being part of the community and getting know people.

The paper is a great publication. It’s growing. The staff here is fantastic. They are all parts of a well-oiled machine. That sure makes the editor’s job much easier.

It always helps to have people who know their job. That’s the case here at The Record Delta. People definitely know their jobs.

This paper has quite a history. It’s really part of the fabric of our state. And, in many ways it has been a groundbreaking newspaper.

The Buckhannon Record was one of the first newspapers in the Mountain State to be directed by a female editor I have learned. In the 1910s, Minnie Kendall Lowther served as editor.

She was apparently well-known for her leadership of the paper during that time.

The Buckhannon Record became a paper not long after West Virginia became a state. I guess to put it simply… there’s just a lot of history here.

Christmas is just around the corner. I’d like to say I have all my presents purchased and wrapped, but that would probably get me on Santa’s naughty list for telling a lie. I definitely don’t want on that list.

I’d say my big Christmas present this year is being named editor of this paper. It is definitely a thrill for me.

I’m a Cincinnati Reds fan. We’ve been suffering a bit the past few seasons. I’d like to say we are just about to break out of the cellar but, again, I don’t want to end up on Santa’s bad list.

Aside from being a Reds fan, my other hobbies include fishing and looking for bears. I like to drive around or hike around looking for bears. I’ve seen a couple. Not up close, just from my car. I do like the idea of seeing a bear face to face. I’m not sure it’s that smart of an idea but I’d give it a try.

I like bird watching, too. Taking pictures of birds is one of my favorite hobbies. I really like watching ospreys. They are huge. I’ll be eagle watching in February. I’m really looking forward to that.

My wife, Rebecca, and I have a number of cats. I’m not really sure how many we have any more. They just seem to show up with names and a full history… that I rarely ever remember. Sometimes I believe there a conspiracy afoot at my house.

Felix is my cat. Or he chose me. He’s a long haired, black and white cat. A few years ago, he went to live at a different home. He did not like that home and showed up back home to stay about a month later.

He spends most of his time lounging in the sun now. Or sitting near his food dish waiting to be fed. What a life.


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