May showers bring flash flooding

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BUCKHANNON — Upshur County underwent intense flooding over the weekend of Mother’s Day, due to immense rainfall and flash flooding. The highest water level areas included, but were not limited to: Adrian, Jawbone Park, French Creek and in front of the Speedway gas station.

According to a Facebook post made by Buckhannon Mayor Robbie Skinner, at approximately 6:30 p.m. the Buckhannon River was cresting at 24.75 feet and the flood stage was at 23 feet. During that time, Downtown streets around Jawbone Park (Madison, South Spring, South Florida, and Friendly Way) were all completely underwater and had been closed off.  South Kanawha Street, near the First Community Bank drive-thru, had also been closed, due to dangerously high water levels.

South Locust Street (Route 20), near Triangle Auto Services, was barely passable but not advisable to do so.

The intersections of Wood, Ritchie and Taylor Street, were closed completely. The corner of Meadow and Maple Streets had some water but could be used with caution. Thurman Avenue and Third Street, on the Island, were in the same situation, with some water but overall passable. The south entrance of Sheetz gas station from Route 20, next to the creek was passable, but the second entrance to Walmart side was closed off completely.

Later that evening, when the rain subsided and the drainage began, areas such as Jawbone Park, would be the last areas to drain out. “Although not an ideal situation, we’re thankful this was a relatively minor event,” said Mayor Skinner.

Public areas were cleaned up relatively quickly, while local residents are still working to clean up the residential areas.

Always stay cautious and heed the warnings for flash flooding, as this can be extremely dangerous. Water is very strong and if given the chance, can cause a lot of damage.

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