Marksmen compete at the Mountaineer Strawberry 2700 Championships

PEEL TREE — Marksman from around the nation congregated near the Upshur County/Barbour County line, at the White Horse Firearms Center Range for the Brassmaster “Strawberry Shoot,” as part of the 80th Strawberry Festival Celebration on May 21 and 22. The Strawberry Shoot, is the nickname for the two-day shooting competition officially known as the Mountaineer Strawberry 2700 Championships.  

The annual NRA Bullseye / Conventional Pistol Shooting Competition kicked things off, starting at 9 a.m. sharp on May 21 with a talented field of sharpshooters of varying experience levels and areas of expertise in terms of firearms chomping at the bit to put their skills on display.  

The following day on May 22, the second day of competition kicked off at 10 a.m. and saw winners crowned in fourteen separate categories, including: Open Winner, High Master, Master, Expert, Expert 2, Sharpshooter, Sharpshooter 2, Marksmen, Marksman 2, .22-caliber only, .22-caliber only 2, High Woman, Grand Senior and Senior.  

Check out the full list of winners for the 2022 Mountaineer Strawberry 2700 Championships below. 

Open Winner: Hiem Trang 

High Master: (none attended) x 

Master: Brian Dean (only one in class) 

Expert: Mark Bentley 

Expert 2: CJ King 

Sharpshooter: Eric Dreikorn 

Sharpshooter 2: Eugene Martin 

Marksman: Marti Gray 

Marksman 2: Joe Hinchman 

.22 Only: Stacy Syrews 

.22 2: Marti Gray 

High Woman: Marti Gray 

Grand Senior: William Murphy 

Senior: Mark Bentley 


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