Man threatens to blow up courthouse

BUCKHANNON — A Buckhannon man who allegedly threatened to kill every sheriff’s department employee and a magistrate was arrested Wednesday for threats of terrorist acts, a felony.

Yancy M. Carr, 38, was in Magistrate Mike Coffman’s office mid-morning Wednesday.

Sheriff David Coffman said, “Carr began cursing and threatening the magistrate court to the point that the magistrate court calls us and wanted us to come upstairs to remove him. By the time we got up there, he ran down the steps and left. It is my understanding he came back to the magistrate court shortly thereafter and was very irate with just total disrespect to the court.”

Carr left again but began calling the sheriff’s office and the 911 center, using irate language and profanity and threatening deputies, according to the sheriff.

“He indicated at one time that he was going to load his truck with explosives and run his truck into the courthouse,” Coffman said.

Cpl. Theron Caynor is the investigating officer and went to the prosecutor’s office to begin moving forward with a complaint.

After securing a warrant, Caynor and members of the West Virginia State Police located Carr Wednesday evening and took him into custody, according to Coffman.

“We have to take it seriously,” Coffman said. “All of us are smart people. We all watch the news and we see what goes on throughout our great country. With all the other things that have occurred, we have to be very cautious and careful.”

Magistrate Kay Hurst set bond at $50,000 cash and $75,000 surety. If convicted, Carr faces a fine between $5,000 and $25,000 and/or confinement in a state correctional facility for not less than one year nor more than three years.

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